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Ab dem 12.3.2015 befindet sich dieser Arbeitskreis an der RWTH Aachen!

Es sind noch Plätze in Aachen für Masterarbeiten und Promotionen frei! Mehr Infos hier.


Central theme of this group is the activation of small molecules mediated by transition metal N donor complexes. Small molecules like oxygen, lactide, styrene or NO shall be efficiently used for resource-economic processes.


More details can be found here...Research Interests and here...

We are part of the Molecular Simulation Grid initiative (MoSGrid) and of the DFG research group "Dynamics of electron transfer processes within transition metal sites in biological and bioinorganic systems" (FOR1405).

Recently, we joined the SFB 749 "Dynamics and Intermediates of Molecular Transformations"(SFB749)

Actually, MoSGrid organises meetings allover Germany in order to inform chemists about computing on MoSGrid. Check out here...MoSGrid-Portal