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NMR of big molecules

Multi-Dimensional NMR Spectroscopy for Structure Elucidation of Big Molecules

General Information 2017/2018

This class will cover concepts and applications of modern NMR spectroscopy in the context of large molecules like proteins and RNA. Contents are the building blocks of NMR pulse sequences, resonance assignment strategies and methods for protein structure calculation and site-specific characterization of dynamics. The class is intended for students of the LMU "Chemistry" Master program and for PhD students in the chemical sciences.

Class Schedule

regular slot: Thursday, 12:15 - 14:00 am, location: Willstätter lecture theater (F U1.015)

in addition: Thursday, 10.15 - 11 am (room C0.003) and Friday 8.15 - 9 am (Willstätter lecture theater) on 26th/27th of October, 2nd/3rd of November, and 16th/17th of November.

Next lectures thereafter:


30.11. 2D NMR Experiments (vorher Bespr. Übg. 6/7)

07.12. 3D NMR Experiments (vorher Bespr. Übg. 8)

14.12. Protein expression and labeling (vorher Bespr. Übg. 9)

21.12. 3D NMR Experiments (vorher Bespr. Übg. 10)

11.1. Structure determination (vorher Bespr. Übg. 11)

18.1. Protein dynamics (vorher Bespr. Übg. 12)


1.2. Solid-state NMR (vorher Bespr. Übg. 13)

8.2. Solid-state NMR(vorher Bespr. Übg. 14)

First day of class: Wednesday, 19.10.2017

Final exam: to be announced.


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