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Scientific Education

Tommy was born in Linz, Upper Austria in 1983. In 2002, he moved to Vienna to study chemistry at the University of Vienna. In 2007, he joined the laboratories of Prof. Johann Mulzer and under his guidance he developed enantioselective syntheses of the complex polyketide kendomycin and echinopines A and B. After graduating in 2009, he moved to Harvard University, USA, to begin postdoctoral studies with Prof. Andrew G. Myers.  At Harvard University he worked on carbohydrates and developed a synthesis of antiproliferative trioxacarcins. In 2012, he started his independent research as a Liebig-junior research group leader at the LMU Munich. His group has been supported by the Emmy Noether Program of the German Research Foundation (2013–2018) and by a Starting Grant of the European Research Council (2017–2021). In 2017, Tommy accepted a position as Full Professor of Chemistry at the University of Innsbruck, Austria.

Curriculum Vitae (pdf) 05/2017


PhD: University of Vienna (2007–2009) – Johann Mulzer
Postdoctoral-Fellow: Harvard University (2010–2012) – Andrew G. Myers 

Fellowships and Funding

2017 Starting Grant of the European Research Council (ERC-STRG)
2016 Funding of the Dr. Otto-Röhm Gedächtnisstiftung
2016 Bayer CropScience AG Research Agreement
2015 FCI Sachkostenzuschuss
2015 SFB 749 "Dynamik und Intermediate molekularer Transformationen" (DFG, German Research Foundation)
2014 FCI Sachkostenzuschuss
2014 Transregio-SFB 152 „TRiPs to Homeostasis“ (DFG, German Research Foundation)
2013 Emmy Noether Fellowship (DFG, German Research Foundation)
2012 Liebig-Stipendium (Fonds der Chemischen Industrie, FCI)
2010 Erwin Schrödinger Postdoctoral Fellowship (Fonds zur Förderung der wissenschaftlichen Forschung, FWF)


2017 DECHEMA Early-Career Researcher Prize for Natural Product Research, DE
2017 Margaret L. Goering and Harlan L. Goering Visiting Professor in Organic Chemistry, Madison, Wisconsin, USA
2016 Arnold Sommerfeld-Prize of the Bavarian Academy of Sciences, DE
2016 Dozentenpreis of the Chemical Industry Fund, DE
2016 ORCHEM Young Investigator Award (Liebig Association), DE
2016 ADUC Prize (Association of German University Professors in Chemistry), DE 

2015 Dr. Klaus Römer-Foundation Young Investigator Award, DE
2015 BASF 150 Year Science Symposium Travel Grant, USA
2015 JSP Bürgenstock Fellowship, CH
2011 Doc PhD Thesis Award (University of Vienna and City of Vienna), AT
2010 DSM Science and Technology Awardee (DSM Europe), CH
2010 PhD Thesis Förderungspreis (Gesellschaft Österreichischer Chemiker, GÖCH), AT
2009 Thieme Synfacts Poster Prize, DE

Meetings, Talks and Conferences

11/2017 Aahrus University - TOKS, Aahrus, DK
09/2017 University of Zurich, Zurich, CH
09/2017 ICQ, Tarragona, ES
08/2017 Suisse Summer School, Villars-sur-Ollon, CH
03/2017 ETH Zurich, Zurich, CH
03/2017 NYU, New York, USA
02/2017 University of Wisconsin, Madison, USA
12/2016 University of Ulm, Ulm, DE
11/2016 SFB TRR 152, Karlsruhe, DE
11/2016 Leopold-Franzens-University, Innsbruck, AT
11/2016 University of Hannover, Hannover, DE
09/2016 ORCHEM Conference, Weimar, DE
07/2016 TU Berlin, Berlin, DE

07/2016 Bayer Crop Science, Frankfurt, DE
07/2016 Undergraduate Research Conference on Molecular Sciences (URCUP), Kloster Irsee, DE
04/2016 Bayer Pharma AG, Berlin, DE
03/2016 SFB 749 Meeting, Irsee, DE
03/2016 CDT, Heidelberg, DE
03/2016 University of Münster, Münster, DE
02/2016 28. Irseer Naturstofftage, Irsee, DE
01/2016 University of Graz, Graz, AT
12/2015 Pacifichem, Honolulu, Hawaii, USA
11/2015 University of Marburg, Marburg, DE
11/2015 University of Tübingen, Tübingen, DE
11/2015 TUM, Munich, DE
10/2015 Tokyo–LMU Symposium, IZB Martinsried, DE
10/2015 HTI Konferenz, Schloß Beuggen, DE
09/2015 Beilstein-Symposium, Chiemsee, DE
09/2015 Chemietage, Innsbruck, AT
09/2015 Organic Chemistry Symposium, Basel, CH
09/2015 Bayer Pharma AG, Wuppertal, DE
08/2015 Zhejinng University, Hangzhou, CN
08/2015 SIOC, Chinese Acadamy of Sciences, Shanghai, CN
08/2015 Tianjin University, Tianjin, CN
08/2015 Nankai University,  Tianjin, CN
08/2015 Peking University, Peking, CN
07/2015 University of Freiburg, Freiburg, DE
06/2015 Boston University, Boston, USA
06/2015 BASF Creator Space Science Symposium, Chicago, USA
04/2015 Bürgenstock Konferenz, Brunnen, CH
03/2015 University of Bayreuth, DE
03/2015 CDT, Regensburg, DE
11/2014 Kick-off-Meeting TRR SFB 152, Mont Sainte-Odile, FR
07/2014 Undergraduate Research Conference on Molecular Sciences (URCUP), Wildbad Kreuth, DE
06/2014 Steinheimer Gespräche, Bad Homburg, DE
04/2014 SFB749 Symposium, Venedig, IT
03/2014 Chemiedozententagung, Paderborn, DE
02/2014 TRR SFB 152, Walther-Straub-Institut, Munich, DE
12/2013 GÖCH Seminar, JKU Linz, AT
09/2013 Biorganische Chemie Symposium 2013, Münster, DE
06/2013 Steinheimer Gespräche, Bad Homburg, DE
03/2013 Chemiedozententagung-Agewandte Chemie Symposium, Berlin, DE