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Collaborations and Funding

Collaborating Research Groups

P. Paulitschke: Temporal Selectivity in Antimitotic Targeting. Faculty of Physics, LMU Munich, Germany.

A. Vollmar, S. Zahler: Photoswitchable Cytoskeleton Inhibitors. Department of Pharmaceutical Biology, LMU Munich, Germany.

M. Delattre and W. Nahaboo: Dynamic modulation of C. elegans and mouse embryonic development. Dept. Biology, ENS Lyon, France; Dept. Mol. Biol., Uni. Brussels, Belgium.

Research Clusters

SFB1032 "Nanoagents for Spatiotemporal Control" cluster

CeNS Centre for Nanoscience cluster

Reagent Development

As of 2017, our photoswitchable microtubule inhibitor reagents developed in the PhotoCan project are in use by over 70 research groups around the world for applications in cell biology, neurology, and tumour chemotherapy.


2017 – 2019: BMWi EXIST grant: Photopharmaceuticals for Cancer Treatment (microtubule inhibitors)

2017 – 2018: BMBF Innovation Biotechnologie Expansion grant: Tumour Targeting of Nanoparticles

Since 2017: SFB1032 cluster: Nanoagents for Spatiotemporal Control (photoswitchable and light-responsive reagents)

2016 – 2017: BMBF Innovation Biotechnologie Proof of Concept grant: Tumour Targeting of Nanoparticles

2016: Centre for Nanoscience Cooperation Grant: Temporal Selectivity Filters for Antimitotic Targeting

2012 – 2013: French Academic Research Council, ENSLFR, & CLARA grants: Photostatin project (microtubule inhibitors)