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Research Group Members

The Thorn-Seshold group was established at LMU Munich in 2016. For a current list of group members, see the Team tab.

Summer Picture, May 2017

Andrea Stegner, Kristina Krauskopf, Beccy Bechtel, Ahmed Ali, Yelena Wainman, Alexander Werner, Rebekkah Bingham, Oliver Thorn-Seshold, Petar Marinkovic, Li Gao, Quillian Hochhauser. Missing: Malgorzata Borowiak, Marina F├╝tterer.

Group Billiards Outing, March 2017

Yelena Wainman, Li Gao, Oliver Thorn-Seshold, Bekkah Bingham, Quillian Hochhauser, Malgorzata Borowiak.

Autumn Colours, November 2016

Sandra Schmidt (intern), Yelena Wainman, Andrea Stegner (intern), Oliver Thorn-Seshold, Malgorzata Borowiak.