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Chemistry Five-fold boost in formaldehyde yield

Environmentally benign methods for the industrial production of chemicals are urgently needed. LMU researchers recently described such a procedure for the synthesis of formaldehyde, and have now improved it with the aid of machine learning.

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Academic graduation ceremony of the Department of Pharmacy - Center for Pharmaceutical Research 2019

This year's graduation ceremony of the Department of Pharmacy - Center for Pharmaceutical Research will take place on Friday, November 29, 2019, starting at 2:15 pm in the Audimax of the Biomedical Center Munich.

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Awarding of Römer Foundation prizes and handing over of master's certificates in chemistry and biochemistry

Festive event on Friday, 7.12.2018, at 15:15

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Web of Science: Rolf Huisgen is Citation Laureate

Professor Rolf Huisgen, Professor Emeritus of Organic Chemistry at the LMU, has been elected as one of the two Citation Laureates in 2019 for the chemistry department of the media company Clarivate.

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Chemical Evolution: One Pot Wonder

Before life, there was RNA: Scientists at LMU show how the four different letters of this genetic alphabet could be created from simple precursor molecules on early Earth - under the same environmental conditions.

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Catalysts: Reactions on the edge

Using the example of an important industrial process, LMU chemists show that defects on the surface of catalysts are essential for their activity.

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Molecular motors: Rotation on an eight-shaped path

Chemical engineers at Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität (LMU) in Munich, Germany, have developed the first molecular motor that enables an eight-shaped movement.

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