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Supramolecular chemistry: Self-constructed macrocycles with low symmetry

Nov 23, 2020

The synthesis and self-organization of biological macromolecules is essential for life on earth. LMU chemists now report the spontaneous emergence of complex ring-shaped macromolecules with low degrees of symmetry in the laboratory.

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Citation analysis: Faculty academics among most highly cited researchers

Nov 20, 2020

Sixteen LMU scholars and scientists are among the most influential authors in their specific fields, as the publication of the list of highly cited researchers 2020 shows. This ranking lists those researchers in the fields of the Natural Sciences, Social Sciences and Medicine whose publications are most frequently cited worldwide.

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Ribosome assembly: The final trimming step

Nov 19, 2020

Ribosomes synthesize all the proteins in cells. Studies mainly done on yeast have revealed much about how ribosomes are put together, but an LMU team now reports that ribosome assembly in human cells requires factors that have no counterparts in simpler model organisms.

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Pharmacology: An unconventional ion channel

Nov 13, 2020

Scientists at LMU have identified the first mechanosensitive ion channel to be found in an intracellular vesicle system. It responds to concentration changes within the vesicle, and probably controls the initiation of immune reactions.

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Physiology How is the heartbeat regulated?

Nov 04, 2020

The heart can stably maintain blood flow – at rest or under stress – over a lifetime. Using a mouse model, an LMU team has now uncovered the role played by a specific class of ion channels in controlling the heart rate.

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Photopharmacology: Light-gated control of the cytoskeleton

Nov 03, 2020

LMU researchers have developed photoresponsive derivatives of the anticancer drug Taxol, which allow light-based control of cytoskeleton dynamics in neurons. The agents can optically pattern cell division and may elucidate how Taxol acts.

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