Prerequisites LMU Mentoring Program

Who can apply?

Young scientists in the last year of their doctoral studies, postdocs and young group leaders.

How can you apply?

Please fill out the "Mentor - Mentee Agreement". Choose a mentor from the pool, which is provided on the web page of the program or suggest an external mentor. In this case please provide contact information. Contact the mentor in person in order to come to a mutual agreement. The mentor is asked to co-sign your "Mentor - Mentee Agreement".

For what kind of support can you apply?

You can apply for student research assistance in order to finish important experimental work. You can also apply for partial payment of travel expenses in order to present your scientific work at a conference. Finally, you can also apply for material expenses.

In case you have any questions please write an e-mail to:

Mentoring coordination

Department Chemie
Dr. Sandra Hemmers

Department Pharmazie
Dr. Birgitta Beatrix

Department Biochemie