Fakultät für Chemie und Pharmazie

Introductory lab course

You must have been accepted to the University after passing the suitability test to participate in the introductory lab course. In addition you must complete the introductory lab course to qualify for the first-semester basic lab course (Liebig Lab)!

At a glance:

  • The introductory lab course lets you take a look at the subject matter and at the demands of the program
  • In case you decide that the chemistry/biochemistry program is not for you, you can change majors or universities before registering at the LMU which means you don't need to lose a year!
  • The reforms in the lab courses give you more "free study time" during the winter-semester lecture period
  • Date of the introductory lab course: starting in Sept. (ca. 3 weeks all day: lectures from 10:00-12:00, lab work from 1:00 PM-5:00 PM); (No auxiliary dates or make up).
    Attendance at the preliminary discussion on 1st lab course day is obligatory (the time and place will be mentioned in your letter of acceptance)
  • In addition you must complete the introductory lab course to qualify for the first-semester basic lab course. That means that you can enrole with the acceptance letter but without the introductory lab course, but with the missing introductory lab course you will not have the access to the first-semester basic lab course and the following AC1 lab course in the 2nd semester. Therefore your study time will delayed by 1 year. The introductory lab course is finished by a mock exam (the result has no impact on the acceptance).

Chemistry and biochemistry program: the introductory lab course

The fundamental aim of the introductory lab course is to prepare students for the chemistry program straightforward (before the enrollment!). In this three-week-long all-day lab course the interested people meet the everyday life of studying. In addition, the students become familiar with their daily routine and familiarizes them with themes such as lab safety, practical skills, etc.
The introductory lab course allows future students to zero in on their individual strengths and skills before registration at the University and aids in their decision as to whether or not to take up the study of chemistry or biochemistry.

Because of the reforms in the basic lab course, the new research-oriented first-semester lab course (Liebig Lab) will take up less time during the first semester, thus allowing students more time to prepare for exams.

Help with starting out

  • Apartment search: looking for a place to live in Munich is always a problem. If you can't find lodging, perhaps in a private home, for the three weeks of the introductory lab course, contact the Studentenwerk.
  • Transportation: Since you are no longer a grade-schooler but also not yet a university student, you may not take advantage of student fares. You can, however, use the U21 program offered by the Munich Transport System (MVV-München) which gives persons under 21 a 50% discount off regular fares.
  • BAföG: You can apply for BAföG during the introductory lab course (Form 2 - which we'll be happy to sign for you at the Studentensekretariat F5.018 ).
  • We will supply you with lab coats and protective eyewear during the lab course at cost price.
  • Bring with you: two locks for your locker, a DIN-A4 notebook or ring notebook, a calculator; chemistry school textbooks could be helpful, but please don't buy any especially for this course!
  • If you already have lab experience such as lab training, Chemistry Olympics, etc., you may receive credit (Transfer credits), so please bring necessary documentation to the preliminary discussion.
  • Y ou'll be informed about everything else during the introduction to the course.
  • Detailed information with lecture notes to the introductory lab course.