DPHG Annual Conference: Prof. Angelika Vollmar honored

Sep 05, 2019

As part of the DPHG Annual Meeting 2019, Prof. Angelika Vollmar was awarded the highly prestigious Carl Mannich Medal.

The DPhG awards the Carl Mannich Medal very restrictively and at most once a year to commemorate the merits of its long-standing president, Professor Dr. med. Carl Mannich, the former director of the Pharmaceutical Institute of the University of Berlin. In his short eulogy, Laufer quoted from the expert reports: "Without a doubt Professor Vollmar is one of the most prominent representatives of the subject " Pharmaceutical Biology "in Germany, which also enjoys an excellent international scientific reputation. Her research is broad: she is currently involved in topics such as tumor metabolism, tumor growth and metastasis, tumor angiogenesis, cytoskeleton and biomechanics and the endolysosomal system (ES). These topics show how strongly Professor Vollmar's research is biologically / pharmacologically / immunologically oriented. «

In addition, the laureate has worked hard for her staff, of which five already have chairs. The president characterized Vollmar as a person who not only actively pursues pharmaceutical research, but also represents it. He alluded to Vollmar's involvement in the German Research Foundation (DFG), which undoubtedly benefited the scientific discipline of pharmacy.

In her entertaining lecture "How to become a professor in Pharmaceutical Biology?" Vollmar above all addressed the younger participants of the annual conference. At the end of her speech, she called for an offensive for diversity, a typical characteristic of the pharmaceutical sciences. And she appealed to the next generation of scientists to do what interests them most, without taking into account the boundaries of research fields. For these limits, which are still taken too seriously, have de facto divided and divide what actually belongs together.