Good Teaching Awards: Three prices for the LMU

Dec 19, 2019

Every year, bavarian students nominate lecturers who have excelled in teaching. At the award ceremony in the Bavarian State Ministry of Science and Art, three scientists from the LMU now received the 2019 award for good teaching

Professor Carsten Reinemann
Faculty of Social Sciences

Carsten Reinemann is professor for communication science with focus on political communication. Every year, his courses receive top marks in the evaluation by students. The audience of his lectures particularly appreciate that he always incorporates current points of reference from society and politics into his lectures. One of the students wrote: “The practical examples and videos on loosening up were always well chosen and had good references to the topic. The explanations by Mr. Reinemann were also very clear and he made the lecture very entertaining so that one had fun learning (by the way also top slides). Overall 10/10, would recommend ;) “. In addition, Reinemann regularly holds workshops with his students. These seminars have already given rise to presentations and publications that have been recognized by professional associations.

Professor Lena Daumann
Faculty of Chemistry and Pharmacy

Professor Lena Daumann receives the award for good teaching not only because of her “very vivid way of giving a lecture” and “a wealth of examples from everyday life”. Her efforts to break up the traditional lecture structures lead her students to "the lecture hall being very well filled up to the last hour of the semester". Through the use of digital aids such as the Socrative Quiz app, participants can check their own level of knowledge during the lecture and actively help shape teaching. The professor at the Department of Chemistry also addresses the interests of the students and regularly designs her lectures accordingly. Finally, the students emphasize Professor Daumann's interdisciplinary teaching approach. It builds bridges between supposedly separate areas of chemistry and thus helps to remove strict categorization.

Dr. Christian Diegritz
Medical school

For eleven years, Dr. Christian Diegritz worked at the tooth preservation polyclinic. Among his students, he is considered an "innovator" in teaching. His e-learning projects are particularly highlighted. As part of the online course Endodontology 4.0, Diegritz uses course videos and practical case studies to bring the course participants closer to complex treatment methods. "We find that this type of teaching achieves a very high level of learning success and are enthusiastic about this innovative strength", the students say about the offer. Diegritz's involvement in the project of the Virtual University of Bavaria “Doctor-Patient Communication” is also recognized. Prospective dentists are trained and sensitized among other things with regard to anxiety patients. The students should learn to critically question their own actions and adapt them to the patients. In the eyes of the students, this type of training represents an "important asset".

The Bavarian State Ministry of Science and Art has awarded the prizes for good teaching for the 20th time. The award winners are proposed by their home universities, with student assessment playing an important role. The prerequisite for the award is an outstanding teaching performance over a period of at least two academic years. The award is endowed with 5,000 euros each.

Every year three prizes go to the LMU, two each to the Technical University of Munich and the universities of Erlangen, Würzburg and Regensburg, and one prize each to the universities of Bamberg, Bayreuth, Augsburg and Passau.