Scientific research: New Scifinder version available

Nov 26, 2019

Since November 2019, the new SciFinder version Scifindern is available to all members of the LMU for research purposes.

Some may already have noticed it through various channels, here now also the official announcement by the specialized library: Since  November 11, 2019 all LMU members (scientists as well as students) may use the new SciFinder version SciFindern (n = new) for research purposes. This version is based on subject-specific relevance algorithms and is therefore completely different to use than the previous SciFinder version. It still contains almost all the features of the old SciFinder and also offers completely new functionalities, ia. a retrosynthesis tool, as well as the modules PatentPak and MethodsNow.

Even with SciFindern a personal registration is still a prerequisite for the use of the database. The registration URL including detailed instructions and information on the technical requirements can be found after logging in at the university library e-media login page. Anyone who already owns an identifier for the old SciFinder can simply use it for the new version and does not have to register again.

The old SciFinder remains unlocked for the time being and can be used in parallel with SciFindern.

For more information on content, training and support, see the content section on the university library pages.

Have fun with the new SciFinder!

If you have any questions or problems related to registering or accessing the database, please contact the Chemistry and Pharmacy Library.

Dr. Andreas Will