Campus Library Chemistry and Pharmacy

The well-stocked campus library is the central specialist library of the Faculty of Chemistry and Pharmacy. There are over 120 workstations available, including 8 work booths. In addition to scientific literature, the library has an extensive collection of textbooks.

Further Informations:
Fachbibliothek Chemie und Pharmazie - Universitätsbibliothek der LMU - LMU München (

Location Library:
Butenandtstr. 5-13, Haus F,
81377 München
Telefon: 089/2180-77060
Fax: 089/2180-77860
Opening hours:
Mo-Fr: 9-22 Uhr
Sa: 10-20 Uhr
The library is closed on sundays and on all legal holidays.
Dr. Andreas Will (Chief Librarian)
Tel.: 089/2180-77065
Gertrud Sparrer (Management)
Tel.: 089/2180-77923

Sarah Will (Circulation)
Tel.: 089/2180-77221

Further Information