Mentoring program of the faculty

The Faculty's mentoring program aims to provide outstanding female junior researchers – at the doctoral and post-doctoral level - with intensive support on their way to a scientific career leading, hopefully, to an academic position.

In this program a central role is assigned to the mentor. He or she is willing to offer this support to a participating junior scientist (mentee) in the form of personal meetings and discussions, optimally several times per year. On a one-to-one basis, the mentors function as role models, offering their mentees support in career planning and in creating their own academic profiles. Additionally, workshops in selected topics, coaching seminars as well as individual trainings are offered. The mentees will initially be supported for one year.

If you are interested in applying for the program, please follow the Guidelines below.

The Faculty of Chemistry and Pharmacy has developed a new format for its mentoring program. The former program "LMU Mentoring", anchored in the sustainability program of the Second Excellence Initiative, ended in 2017.

News and events

Mentoring Retreat Chemistry, Biochemistry and Pharmacy

Date: 08.05.2023 - 09.05.2023
Kloster Frauenwörth, Fraueninsel, Chiemsee

Prog_Mentoring_Frauenchiemsee_2023.pdf (PDF, 465 KB)

Anreise_Frauenchiemsee.pdf (PDF, 476 KB)
Winterfahrplan Chiemsee-Schifffahrt (PDF, 678 KB)

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For questions please contact:

Guidelines for the mentoring program

Prerequisites for the program (PDF, 163 KB)

Accepted mentees may choose from a pool of potential mentors. The mentees may also select a mentor from outside this pool. Names and contact details of potential mentors can be found below. The mentees are asked to personally contact the mentor. If the relationship mentor-mentee is established and agreed on mutually, please communicate this to the mentoring program coordination, using the form mentor-mentee agreement.

Mentor – Mentee Agreement (PDF, 329 KB)

Within the program the mentees may apply for travel support and funds for student research assistance.

Financial-Support Application for research assistance or travel costs (PDF, 299 KB)

Who can apply?

Young scientists in the last year of their doctoral studies, postdocs and young group leaders.

How can you apply?

Please fill out the "Mentor - Mentee Agreement". Choose a mentor from the pool, which is provided on the web page of the program or suggest an external mentor. In this case please provide contact information. Contact the mentor in person in order to come to a mutual agreement. The mentor is asked to co-sign your "Mentor - Mentee Agreement".

For what kind of support can you apply?

You can apply for student research assistance in order to finish important experimental work. You can also apply for partial payment of travel expenses in order to present your scientific work at a conference. Finally, you can also apply for material expenses.


  • Give a short justification on “Financial-Support-Application / Antragsformular”.
    including name and contact data of the student research assistance.
  • Please note your application for employment takes six weeks to be processed.
  • The form needs to be signed by the mentor and handed in to the responsible mentoring coordinator in the respective department.


  • Give a short justification.
  • Use Form F70 (Dienstreiseantag) or F70a (Application for travel authorization).
    Note: Fill in “ohne Kostenerstattung” and note in field “folgende Kosten werden von dritter Seite getragen” „Kostenübernahme durch LMU Mentoring“.
  • The forms need to be signed by the mentor and handed to the responsible Mentoringkoordinator in the respective Department.
  • For reimbursement follow the typical procedure, fill in F71 (Reisekostenerstattung) or F71 a (Application for travel expenses)

The current forms above can be found on the faculty intranet websites under Service.

  • Prof. Dr. Roland Beckmann (CUP)
  • Dr. Jürgen Cox (MPI for Biochemistry)
  • Prof. Dr. Achim Hartschuh (CUP)
  • Prof. Dr. Anja Hoffman-Röder (CUP)
  • Prof. Dr. Veit Hornung (CUP)
  • Prof. Dr. Ivan Huc (CUP)
  • Prof. Dr. Andreas Kornath (CUP)
  • Prof. Dr. Bettina Lotsch (MPI for Solid State Research)
  • Prof. Dr. Danny Nedialkova (MPI for Biochemistry)
  • Prof. Dr. Christian Ochsenfeld (CUP)
  • Prof. Dr. Petra Schwille (MPI for Biochemistry)
  • Prof. Dr. Oliver Trapp (CUP)
  • Prof. Dr. Philip Tinnefeld (CUP)
  • Prof. Dr. Regina de Vivie-Riedle (CUP)

  • n.n.
    Department Chemie
  • Dr. Sandra Hemmers
    Department Pharmazie
  • Dr. Birgitta Beatrix
    Department Biochemie