Fakultät für Chemie und Pharmazie

At the beginning of the doctoral program

Complete the online form ”REGISTRATION” carefully. Please fill out the form only when:

  • you have the confirmation of a supervisor of the Faculty of Chemistry and Pharmacy and
  • you shortly intend to fix an appointment at the PhD office.

In order to apply, please create an account. Choose your language clicking on German or English at the right bottom of the start page. Fill out the form carefully, as well as the personal data disclose.
By clicking on «Submit» the file will be saved and sent. Before you leave the webpage, please print out the form (Button „Bewerbungsdaten als PDF“), sign and bring it with all the necessary documents to the appointment, which you previously fixed by phone with Office for Doctoral Programs. After having been successfully registered your online form will be deleted.


(In case of default and problems, please contact Service-EMAIL)

Please download and open the PDFs with an external software program (not within the webbrowser). Then, fill in the various electronic forms online before printing, AND make an appointment with the Office for Doctoral Programs.

Handwritten forms will not be accepted!

  1. Registration for the PhD program.pdf
  2. External PhD candidate in Chemistry or Pharmacy.pdf
  3. External PhD candidate in Biochemistry.pdf