Postdoctoral Research (Habilitation)

We are happy to accompany you through all administrative steps - from admission till the end of your postdoctoral research.

Postdoctoral research fellows, who want to become Habilitanden and lecturers (Privatdozenten) should register at the Dean's Office of the Faculty of Chemistry and Pharmacy, PhD and Habilitation Office!

The Habilitation procedure gives young scientists the opportunity to qualify for calling to a professorship and, for this purpose, to perform tasks in research and teaching independently. For further information on habilitations, please contact the chairs and work groups.

Privatdozent (PD) or lecturer, is an academic title conferred at some European universities, especially in German-speaking countries, to someone who holds certain formal qualifications that denote an ability (facultas docendi / Lehrbefähigung - Habilitation) and permission to teach (venia legendi / Lehrbefugnis) a designated subject at the highest level.

Habilitation Regulations

Habilitation Regulations of the Faculty of Chemistry and Pharmacy of 1 March 2005:

Before making an appointment with the Habilitation Office and applying for a habilitation, please read the Habilitation Regulations and the information sheet:

Application for admission as habilitation candidate of the faculty

Faculty Board Meeting on 08/05/2024
NameHabilitation SubjectDepartment

Ongoing habilitation procedures of the faculty

NameHabilitation SubjectDeparment
Jagau, Thomas-ChristianTheoretical ChemistryChemistry
Medina-Tautz, Dana DinaPhysical Chemistry and Materials ChemistryChemistry
Müller, ChristophPharmaceutical and Medical ChemistryPharmacy
Plötz, EvelynPhysical ChemistryChemistry
Schneider, SabineOrganic ChemistryChemistry
Winkeljann, BenjaminPharmaceutical Technology and Drug DeliveryPharmazie

Contact person: See PhD and Habilitation Office of the Dean's Office.

Lecturer teaching permission (Lehrbefugnis as Privatdozent)

Read the information sheet before making an appointment with the Habilitation Office and applying for reciving a teaching permission as Privatdozent:

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PROFiL is for persons in the program for university lecturer qualification (Habilitation/Privatdozentur). PROFiL (only in German)