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Best time to study abroad

If you intend to study abroad, you have to apply for a leave of absence. Further information here: Leave of absence

The standard length of study can, in principle, be lengthened by a period abroad. This fact, however, must not be seen in a negative light. Later, when you are applying for a position in the chemical industry, experience in foreign countries is a point in your favor and is viewed as an important part of personality development.
Study abroad may be undertaken during the bachelor, master or pharmacy (for state exams) programs. Doctoral students may also conduct research abroad through contacts of their research groups.

For students of chemistry or biochemistry

Since chemistry programs at other universities are not necessarily identical to our bachelor program, you could end up missing credits (according to Examinations Bylaws) if you go abroad during the Basic Study program. Therefore, we suggest that you plan to study abroad during the fifth or sixth semester of the bachelor program. Since this part of the program encompasses many different electives, you may be more flexible in your choice of courses. At least in the master program the courses abroad may be transferred very easy, because of the huge freedom of choice.

For students of the pharmaceutical sciences

Credits earned abroad do not always coincide with those demanded by the study and examination rules for the pharmaceutical sciences program and, thus, may not be transferred. Possible credit transfer should be discussed before you leave.
That is why we can not offer a general recommendation as to the optimal time for study abroad during the bachelor program. Many foreign universities, do, however, require students to have studied for at least four semesters before they transfer abroad. For the master program, study abroad during the third semester of the program is the best time, since you are allowed to prepare your master's thesis elsewhere.

For students of pharmacy

Credits earned abroad do not always coincide with those demanded by the licensing rules for pharmacists and can not necessarily be transferred. The mandatory internship (eighth semester), if done abroad, is usually accredited without problems.

Clinical trainee program
The licensing rules for pharmacists allow the four-week-long mandatory clinical- trainee program during the initial phase of training to be carried out within the member countries of the European Union or in countries that are signatories to the Treaty on the European Economic Area.

The practical year
Up to six months of practical training during the third phase of the program may be done abroad if the program is considered equivalent to training in Germany.
All persons interested are urged to contact their State Education Board (Landesprüfungsamt) before starting study abroad, to find out which types of certification will be needed for credit transfer.