Fakultät für Chemie und Pharmazie

Interactive learning

The learning program's target group

The interactive learning program "Chemical Computation" (Chemisches Rechnen) is targeted at university students and high school pupils in the higher grades.


  • The learning program contains a glossary in which terminology is listed according to field. Clicking on an item in the table of contents will bring you to the various subjects. You can also use the glossary to find terminology by using the subject index. Problem solutions can be accessed in the glossary by hyperlinks which are written in blue. The glossary can not replace a textbook, but can supply a summarizing outline of a subject.
  • The problems are structured, as is the glossary, by subject. Each subject contains a block of problems with three different kinds of assignments (sample problems, interactive assignments, practice problems). The three types of assignments are connected within a subject and can be accessed by their respective buttons.