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Information Concerning the Bachelor Thesis

Pre-Information concerning the Bachelor thesis: Informationen zur Bachelor-Arbeit.pdf

Regulations for external Bachelor theses

The Bachelor thesis may be produced at institutions external of the LMU departments of Chemistry or Biochemistry (national as well as abroad).

Therefore you have to submit an informal proposal to the examination office, which will be evaluated by the chair of the examination committee.
The proposal should express the following points:

  • Topic of the thesis
  • Name of the external supervisor (including information to the institution)
  • Signature of the external and official supervisor (=Prüfungsberechtiger) of the departments, who works in this scientific field

If you plan a thesis in industry, you also have to submit a transcript. Additionally, you have to mention that the external supervisor has to furnish an opinion (including marks), that he/she transfers to the official supervisor of the departments.