Fakultät für Chemie und Pharmazie

Preparing to enter the program - Introductory lab course

You can use the time between graduating from high school (Abitur) and starting at the LMU by preparing yourself for the program.
Although courses and lab work are organized so that students can be successful without large amounts of prior knowledge, the time-consuming work load at the beginning of the first semester can be handled more easily if you prepare yourself optimally.

In addition to the following preparation suggestions, you can test your prior knowledge of stoichiometry, for example, by using interactive learning programs.

Introductory lab course

The introductory lab course gives you a chance to appraise the subject and the program before you register. The course starts at the beginning of September, lasts three weeks, and takes place in the labs of the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry. Only applicants who have received a positive letter of placement confirmation may take part.
More information concerning the introductory lab course

Preparing for chemistry

In the first semester, teaching will concentrate on chemical equilibrium and the chemistry of the elements. Concepts such as acids and bases, redox reactions, solubility and crystallization will be focussed upon. These are concepts which are also treated in non-natural-sciences-based schools. Good textbooks, such as Mortimer, Chemie - Basiswissen der Chemie, Thieme Verlag, can be of great use.


Preparing for mathematics and physics

New entrants to our program have shown major differences in the levels of basic knowledge in mathematics and physics. That is why the courses "Mathematics for Chemists" and "Mathematics for Physicists" in the first two semesters of the program often cause problems and are also very time-consuming. We strongly recommend a review of the material from the basic math courses of the 10th through 13th grades of Gymnasium.