Fakultät für Chemie und Pharmazie

Application deadlines, required documents, and enrollment

Before you read this section, please read the section called Applying for admission (Bewerbung).

The bachelor program "Chemistry and biochemistry" at the LMU has no limitations on the number of students that may be accepted. Each applicant, however, must take the placement process (see point 3 under Allgemeines zur Zulassung).

Deadlines for applying are: for the winter term, January 16 to July 15, and for the summer term, July 16 to January 15 of the same year.

Please do not send any folders or original documents, because the application materials will not be returned.

Your application must include the following:.

  1. an online-registration form
  2. a brief résumé
  3. a copy of the confirmation of your eligibility to attend university (not notarized), if applicable, with official translation
  4. if applicable, certification of: relevant vocational training (such as laboratory technician or chemical technician), program in natural science at a university of applied sciences, voluntary internships and other practical work experience
  5. if applying for admission into advanced semesters, certification of previous course work (transfer credits).
Please send your application to:
Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München
Department Chemie
Studentensekretariat Chemie, Haus F5.018
Butenandtstr. 5-13
81377 München

After we have evaluated your application, in accordance with the Placement-Process Bylaws, we will either:

  • confirm, in writing, that you qualify to enter the bachelor program "Chemistry and Biochemistry" at the LMU München or
  • send you a letter of rejection, should you be considered unqualified. In that case, you may re-apply for placement before the next deadline.

After you have received a letter of confirmation from the Department of Chemistry AND the confirmation of the International Office you should take the following steps:

  1. Registration for the Grundpraktikum. Further infos/links will be send with the confirmation letter.
  2. Attend the introductory lab course (3 weeks in September) which is a prerequisite for attending the basic lab course in the first semester. Further information may be found here.
  3. Fill out the LMU online registration form at: Online-Immatrikulationsantrag and postal registration at the LMU Registrar's Office (Studentenkanzlei) by the appropriate deadline! Filling out the online form only does not mean you are registered! (more information)
  4. Foreign students must enroll in person (!) at the International Office.

Flyer der Zentralen Studienberatung zum Thema Immatrikulation (German)

If you are rejected:
You may still apply for admission to other universities which do not have admission restrictions or universities that have different placement criteria.

Further links

  • If you have any questions, please get in touch with the Examination Office in the Department of Chemistry.