Fakultät für Chemie und Pharmazie

Suitability test for the Bachelor program in "Chemistry and Biochemistry"

In general

There is no limitation (NC) at the LMU on the number of students who may be admitted to the chemistry and biochemistry bachelor program. The students' aptitude for the study program, however, must be ascertained by a placement exam (see 3. under Hochschulzugang ).

The placement process is part of the application procedure (Bewerbung), which must be completed by the application deadlines. You will be informed of the outcome of your application approximately three weeks after the application deadline (in accordance with the Placement-Process-Bylaws - see below) .
If you are not accepted, you only may apply a second time before a following deadline.

The placement process for the bachelor program "Chemistry and Biochemistry"

In this part of the placement process (in accordance with the Placement-Process Bylaws efv_satzung_178.pdf), an average grade, without rounding, will be ascertained from the average grade of the Abitur and the grades of specific subjects. The average grade will consist of:

  1. the German Abitur average grade (or other final grade), weighted with 50%
  2. grades in mathematics, biology, chemistry and physics, each weighted with 12.5%.

If grades for the subjects mentioned in 2. are not specified in the grade transcript, those subjects will not be factored into the average. Instead the average Abitur grade will receive the weight of 12.5% more for each missing grade (for example, Abitur grade 62.5%, biology, chemistry and physics 12.5% each).

Relevant vocational training or other practice-oriented training can be taken into consideration to raise the grade average if it is greater than 2.5 according to the German grading system (1.0 is best, 5.0 is failed).

The grades of applicants with other ducuments than the "German Abitur" will be converted into the German grade system.