Why study at the LMU?

The Campus of the Faculty of Chemistry and Pharmacy in Munich (Großhadern) is nationally and internationally highly recognized and offers an exceptional infrastructure for a research-oriented education in chemistry, biochemistry and pharmacy. Renowned chemists and Nobel laureates such as Justus von Liebig, Adolf von Baeyer, Richard Willstätter, Heinrich Wieland and Feodor Lynen conducted their groundbreaking research here (cf. History). And today, many internationally acclaimed professors and research groups continue that tradition.

With its modern buildings and excellently equipped laboratories and lecture halls, the campus helps students to meet the challenges of modern chemistry, biochemistry and pharmacy through research-oriented learning and the interdisciplinary meshing of theory and practice. The broadly baseCampus Großhadern/Martinsriedd programs of study offer students insight into natural chemical processes and the role of chemistry and pharmacy in society.

The Campus Großhadern/Martinsried is an optimal environment with high-capacity bio-medical facilities such as the LMU Gene Centre, the Max Planck Institute for Biochemistry and Neurobiology and the University Clinic.

The subway (U6/Großhadern) or bus (Lines 67, 266 and 268) provide easy access to the campus and a quick connection to the city center as well as neighboring regions. (cf. directions ) [[LINK]]