Why study Pharmacy?

Why study pharmaceutical sciences?
Pharmaceutical sciences
is an innovative life-sciences program with a focus on modern pharmaceutical research. The bachelor and master programs offer immersion in the natural sciences and a specialized education, preparing students for careers in research and development in the pharmaceutical industry or in other scientific institutions. This impressive, future-oriented program connects students to current areas of research through its interdisciplinary courses at the interface of modern pharmaceutical development and through its integration of pharmaceutical experts.

Prerequisites are a great interest in and curiosity about the questions of natural science and a solid basic knowledge of biology, chemistry and physics would be very helpful. You should also have a good knowledge of German and English (lectures are mostly in German). Your ability to think analytically, work in a team and be ready to treat scientific challenges constructively and energetically should round off your personal profile.

Why study pharmacy?
The pharmacy program entails teaching and research and forms a bridge to the medical fields. The term "pharmacy" involves everything that has to do with the supplying of medicines.

If your goal is to become a pharmacist you probably developed a certain talent and enthusiasm for the natural sciences in high school. You have a special interest in biology and chemistry, have good powers of observation and enjoy experimentation. To become successful in this field, your personality should reflect a high level of dedication and responsibility.

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