Financial support by BAföG

"BAföG" is the abbreviation for the "Federal Education Advancement Law". This law regulates state financial aid for education. If your own or your parents' incomes do not suffice to finance your education and livelihood, then you are entitled to adequate state financial aid.
BAfög is not a scholarship!

Attention: Due to the BAföG-Änderungsgesetz of 27.10.2010, the possibility of the performance-based partial loan remission for graduates is no longer available as of 01.01.2013 !!!

The Office for Educational Aid (Amt für Ausbildungsförderung) at the Studentenwerk München is responsible for students studying at Munich's universities and arranges for the approval of aid according to BAföG (§48 and §15 section 3a). (legal text).
You can find more information about BAföG at the Studentenwerks München website here.

To apply for financial aid at the Studentenwerk München, you need to submit the following:

  • An application form at, also available at the Studentenwerk München
  • A current statement of your bank account
  • A record of study (available at the Examinations Offices in Chemistry and Pharmacy). Requirement is at least 72 ECTS in the Bachelor Chemistry and Biochemistry until the 3rd semester.

Attention: Prerequisite for BAföG is, among other things, proof of proper study, i.e. 72 ECTS must be achieved by the end of the 3rd semester in the Bachelor of Chemistry and Biochemistry and 24 ECTS in the Chemistry teaching degree.

1. For a continuation (or approval - depending on the processing status) in the 4th semester (until the fourth month, i.e. July) a performance record for the end of the 3rd semester must be available, if the application is complete.

2. After that, only the status of the fourth semester is sufficient (no further performance possible).

3. From the beginning of the 5th subject semester, the performance record can still be submitted later, but only for four months with the status of the fourth subject semester. There will be no payments until the proof of performance is submitted.

4. From the beginning of the 5th month of the 5th subject semester, the status of the 5th subject semester must be proven. Exception: As with 2.

Important for the transition from Bachelor to Master: The funding ends with the last achievement in the study program - not at the end of the standard period of study! In order to avoid a gap in funding, the last performance in the 6th semester, for example, should not be submitted in July, but in September!

For detailed consultation, especially concerning partial loan-payment waivers please contact the Studentenwerk. (Please note their business hours!)

Studentenwerk München
Amt für Ausbildungsförderung
Leopoldstraße 15/ 2nd and 4th Floor
80802 München