Financial Aid for Individual Study Programs from the Faculty

At the beginning of June, 2014, the Department's Study Grant Commission decided to continue financial aid for individual study programs for Master students. Financial aid for internships in Germany and abroad, participation in conferences, research projects, workshops and other study-related activities may be applied for at the Dean's office. If granted, financial aid will be paid retroactively. Applications must be submitted in advance using the appropriate forms with required signatures/authorizations.

Please note that students are not, under any circumstances, allowed to receive financial aid from more than one public source such as Auslands-BaFög, DAAD, ERASMUS, PROSA (see Studying abroad). In many cases, however, it is possible to split various costs (transportation, living expenses) with other grant sources such as LMU-PROSA, ERASMUS, etc., to achieve the best level of support. Therefore, please use other sources such as foundations.

Forms and Handouts from the Chemistry and Pharmacy Student Unions can be downloaded here:

If you have suggestions for how to use the Department grants, please contact the Student Unions for Chemie oder Pharmazie.