Welcome to the 1st semester of the Bachelor "Chemistry and Biochemistry"

Here you will find help for the first steps in your studies.

  • Enrollment / Matriculation / Preliminary Internship
    After the eligibility determination process and receipt of acceptance letter from the Department of Chemistry, the following steps must be taken:
    • 1) Registration for participation in the pre-internship.
      You will receive further information/links with the acceptance letter.
    • 2) Participation in the pre-internship (2-3 weeks in September) which is a prerequisite for the participation in the basic internship in the 1st semester. Further information can be found here on this website.
    • 3) Issuance of the online enrollment application and postal enrollment at the LMU in the Studentenkanzlei on the mentioned enrollment dates. Filling out the online form does not constitute enrollment! (further information)
    • 4) International applicants must enroll via post at the International Office.
  • Start of studies
    The lecture period then begins in mid-October. In chemistry you start on Monday with another introduction to the study. The lectures start only on Tuesday with the lecture "Inorganic Chemistry 1 (Experimental Lecture)". The exercises to the lectures and the basic practical course start in the 2nd week of lectures. The exams will take place after the end of the lecture. You will find your timetable on our website or in the Online Course Catalogue (LSF).
  • Here you can inform yourself in advance with the help of videos about the course of studies etc..