blank LMU Munich Faculty for Chemistry and Pharmacy


December 2019 - Christmas dinner

July 2018 - BOSS XVI Conference

from left to right - D. Didier, A. Music, M. Eisold, A. Baumann

December 2017 - Römer prize, LMU

from left to right (or smallest to tallest): D. Didier, A. N. Baumann, A. Music, M. Eisold, F. Reiners

Spring 2015 - Nockerberg

from left to right - G. M. Kiefl, M. Eisold, D. Didier, P. Gehan, S. T. Emmerling

Fall 2015

from left to right - A. Music, M. Eisold, A. N. Baumann, D. Didier