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Herzogstand - July 2022

After a long time without group events, we were happy to go out for an excursion all together... Congrats to the all group for this 1200m high, 16km long trip!

from left to right:

Muhammad Shahbaz, Dongfang Jiang, Zoé Weber, DD (behind), Rahma Ghazali, Vicky Valsamidou, Nicole Zeitlmeir (behind), Bilel Boutet and Florian Trauner

December 2019 - Christmas dinner

July 2018 - BOSS XVI Conference

from left to right - D. Didier, A. Music, M. Eisold, A. Baumann

December 2017 - Römer prize, LMU

from left to right (or smallest to tallest): D. Didier, A. N. Baumann, A. Music, M. Eisold, F. Reiners

Spring 2015 - Nockerberg

from left to right - G. M. Kiefl, M. Eisold, D. Didier, P. Gehan, S. T. Emmerling

Fall 2015

from left to right - A. Music, M. Eisold, A. N. Baumann, D. Didier