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News from the Dube group

April 2020


01.04.2020 Our group is moving to the FAU-Erlangen Nürnberg! Henry started as Chair of Organic Chemistry in the Department of Chemistry and Pharmacy on April 1. 2020. Thank you all members of the group - past and present - for making it happen!!! Check this Tweet from the President of the FAU Prof. Hornegger




March 2020


10.03.2020 Moni defends her PhD with great success! Congratulations Moni!!!




February 2020


13.02.2020 Real Bavarian Weisswurstfrühstück in the AK Dube!


10.02.2020 Konstantin starts his F-Praktikum in our group, welcome to the team!

03.02.2020 Sebastian starts his Master thesis in our group, welcome to the team!



January 2020


13.01.2020 Fabien starts his Master thesis in our group, welcome to the team!


09.01.2020 Eds paper "Active and Unidirectional Acceleration of Biaryl Rotation by a Molecular Motor" is accepted in Angewandte Chemie! Terrific work Ed, congratulations!!!



December 2019


19.12.2019 Our joined paper "Proton-Conduction Photomodulation in Spiropyran-Functionalized MOFs with Large On-Off ratio" with Lars Heinke and Co-workers from the KIT is accepted in Chemical Science! Congratulations Aaron and all collaborators!


13.12.2019 Ludwig receives the Römer-Preis for his outstanding PhD-thesis! Congratulations Ludwig!


01.-03.12.2019 Henry gives an invited talk at the 20th Hokudai-RIES International Symposium at Hokkaido University in Sapporo, Japan


12.2019 AK-Dube Cookie-Baking :-)



November 2019


21.-22.11.2019 Stefan and Ed present their results at the "Molecular Rotor Workshop 2019" in Prague.


18.11.2019 Our joined paper "Reversible Photoswitching of Isolated Ionic Hemiindigos with Visible Light" with Evan Bieske and his group from Melbourne is accepted in ChemPhysChem! Congratulations Chris and all collaborators!


18.11.2019 Veronika starts her F-Praktikum with Nicolai, Aila starts her F-Praktikum with Benni - welcome to the team!


15.11.2019 Chris defends his PhD with great success! Congratulations!!



October 2019


21.10.2019 Nadine starts her F-Praktikum in our group, welcome to the team!


16.10.2019 Aarons Nature Commun. paper is highlighted in one of the biggest german news-papers, the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung!


14.10.2019 Marvin starts his Bachelor thesis in our group, welcome!


09.10.2019 Tom wins the Nobel-Prize-Bet with his spot-on prediction, Haribo-Galore...



September 2019


11.09.2019 Aarons new paper " Green Light Powered Molecular State Motor Enabling Eight-Shaped Unidirectional Rotation" is accepted in Nature Communications! Congratulations!!!


08.09-13.09.2019 Kerstin and Henry attend the ESOR in beautiful Dubrovnik



August 2019


01.08.2019 Laura starts her Master thesis with us. Welcome to the team!!!



July 2019


05.06.2019 International François Diederich Farewell Symposium at the ETH Zürich


01.07.2019 Benjamin starts his PhD with us! Welcome to the team !!!



June 2019


14.06.2019 The special issue "Photoresponsive Molecular Switches and Machines" in ChemPhotoChem is out with Henry serving as Guest-Editor.


9.6.-13.6.2019 Aaron and Henry at the Gordon Research Conference "Artificial Molecular Switches and Motors" in Holderness/USA - meeting top-researchers of the field from across the globe!



May 2019


13.05.2019 Edmire starts her F-Praktikum with Ed. Welcome to the team!



April 2019


24.04.2019 Marleen starts her F-Praktikum with Kerstin. Welcome to the team!


08.04.2019 Kristian starts his Master thesis with Chris. Welcome to the team!



March 2019


29.03.2019 Congratulation Moni to the new ChemPhotoChem. paper: "A Prospective Ultrafast Hemithioindigo Molecular Motor"!!


18.03.2019 Luise starts her F-Praktikum with Tom. Welcome to the team!


13.03.2019 Congratulation Kerstin to the new Org. Chem. Frontiers paper: "Symmetric and Nonsymmetric Bis-Hemithioindigos - Precise Visible Light Controlled Shape-Shifters"!!


12.03.2019 Matthias starts his F-Praktikum with Nicolai. Welcome to the team!


11.03.2019 SFB-749 Conference in Venice: Tom, Chris and Aaron present their work...


January 2019


31.01.2019 Ludwig defends his PhD with great success! Congratulations King Ludwig!



December 2018


18.12.2018 Nobel Laureate Ben Feringa visits LMU and our group


08.12.2018 Henry receives the Arnold-Sommerfeld Award of the Bavarian Academy of Sciences and Humanities

Image Copyright Stefan Obermeier/BAdW



 November 2018


23.11.2018 Henry and his team receive the Research award of the Dr. Otto Röhm Gedächtnisstiftung


17.11.2018 Congratulation Aaron to the new seminal J. Am. Chem. Soc. paper: "A Photon-Only Molecular Motor with Reverse Temperature-Dependent Efficiency"!!!



October 2018


31.10.2018 Chris' JACS paper gets highlighted in Nature Reviews Chemistry!

22.10.2018 Michaela starts her Bachelor Thesis with Aaron. Welcome to the team!

22.10.2018 Congratulation Kerstin to the new Org. Biomol. Chem. paper: " A Hemithioindigo Molecular Motor for Metal Surface Attachement"!!!


10.10.2018 Congratulation Chris to the new J. Am. Chem. Soc. paper: "Circular Dichroism Photoswitching with a Twist: Axially Chiral Hemiindigo"!!!


We are included on Prof. David A Leighs Worldmap of Molecular Machines!



September 2018


Conference Time!

Monika, Kerstin, Stefan, Thomas, and Henry attended the 26. Lecture Conference on Photochemistry. Henry was giving a lecture, while the others were presenting posters and even won a poster award! Congratulations Moni!!!