N,N‘-Bis(1-nonyldecyl)-3,4:9,10-perylenebis(dicarboximide); 2,9-bis-(1-nonyldecyl)anthra[2,1,9-def;6,5,10-d‘e‘f‘]diisoquinoline-1,3,8,10(2H,9H)-tetraone; 2,9-bis-(10-nonadecyl)anthra[2,1,9-def;6,5,10-d‘e‘f‘]diisoquinoline-1,3,8,10(2H,9H)-tetraone, RN 130296-48-9:
M.p. 97C, red crystals. UV (CHCl3): λmax (ε) = 457.5 nm (19910), 488.5 (52720), 524.5 (87080). C62H86N2O4 (922.7) calcd. C 80.65, H 9.39, N 3.03; found C 80.51, H 9.61, N 3.15.

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