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Publications of Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Frieß

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Key publications

  • "Development of a lyophilized plasmid/LPEI polyplex formulation with long-term stability-A step closer from promising technology to application ". Kasper, Julia Christina; Schaffert, David; Ogris, Manfred; Wagner, Ernst; Friess, Wolfgang; Journal of Controlled Release (2011), 151(3), 246-255
  • "Influence of pH and ionic strength on IgG adsorption to vials ". Mathes, Johannes; Friess, Wolfgang;Journal of Pharmaceutics and Biopharmaceutics (2011), 78(2), 239-247
  • "Protein aggregation: Pathways, induction factors and analysis". Mahler, Hanns-Christian; Friess, Wolfgang; Grauschopf, Ulla; Kiese, Sylvia; Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences (2009), 98(9), 2909-2934
  • "Shaken, not stirred: mechanical stress testing of an IgG1 antibody." Kiese, Sylvia; Papppenberger, Astrid;Friess, Wolfgang; Mahler, Hanns-Christian; Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences (2008), 97(10), 4347-4366
  • "Online fluorescent dye detection method for the characterization of immunoglobulin G aggregation by size exclusion chromatography and asymmetrical flow field flow fractionation." Hawe, Andrea; Friess, Wolfgang; Sutter, Marc; Jiskoot, Wim; Analytical Biochemistry (2008), 378(2), 115-122

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