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Research Interests

Welcome to the Research Pages of the group of Prof. Wolfgang Frieß. We focus our research activities in the fields of Protein Formulation Technologies, Drug Delivery and New (Bio-)Materials.

Formulation Technologies

  • Drying technologies (freeze-drying, spray-drying)
  • Highly concentrated protein systems (viscosity reduction, stabilization, freeze-drying)
  • Innovative protein analysis (protein-protein interactions, extrinsic and intrinsic fluorescence techniques)
  • Protein adsorption phenomena (processing materials, biomaterials)

Drug Delivery

  • Parenteral sustained release systems (local and systemic delivery hydrogels, in situ hardening systems)
  • Pulmonary protein delivery (local delivery, powder inhalation)
  • Controlled local drug delivery for tissue regeneration (bone regeneration, coated stents)

New Materials

  • Macro- and nanostructures for tissue regeneration (collagen, ceramics)
  • Optimisation of drug release and degradation (smart hydrogels, phospholipid-PLGA-systems)
  • Composite materials (bone regeneration, coated stents)