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Dr. Friederike Adams

Dr. Friederike Adams


Since November 2018 Postdoc, LMU Munich
01/2019: PhD, Chair of Macromolecular Chemistry, TU Munich
06/2015: M.Sc. in Chemistry (Focus: Organic Chemistry and Macromolecular Chemistry), TU Munich
08/2013: B.Sc. in Chemistry, TU Munich


“Yttrium-catalyzed Synthesis of Bipyridine-functionalized AB-Block Copolymers: Micellar Support for Photocatalytic Active Rhenium-Complexes”
Adams, F.*; Pschenitza, M.*; Rieger, B., ChemCatChem 2018, 10 (19), 4309-4316.

“Metal-Catalyzed Group-Transfer Polymerization: A Versatile Tool for Tailor-Made Functional (Co)Polymers“
Adams, F.*; Pahl, P.*; Rieger, B., Chem. Eur. J. 2018, 24 (3), 509-518.

”Toolbox of Nonmetallocene Lanthanides: Multifunctional Catalysts in Group-Transfer Polymerization“
Adams, F.; Machat, R. M.; Altenbuchner, P.T.; Ehrmaier, J.; Pöthig, A.; Karsili, T. N. V.; Rieger, B., Inorg. Chem. 2017, 56 (16), 9754-9764.

“CO2-Controlled One-Pot Synthesis of AB, ABA Block, and Statistical Terpolymers from β-Butyrolactone, Epoxides, and CO2”
Kernbichl, S*; Reiter, M.*; Adams, F.; Vagin, S.; Rieger, B., J. Am. Chem. Soc. 2017, 139, 6787-6790.

“Enzymatic degradation of synthetic poly(3-hydroxybutyrates) as a tool for combinatorial microstructure determination“
Vagin, S. I.; Kronast, A.; Altenbuchner, P.T.; Adams, F.; Sinkel, C.; Deglmann, P.; Loos, R.; Schuffenhauer, T.; Sommer, S.; Brück, T.; Rieger, B., Polym. Degrad. Stab. 2017, 143, 176-185.

"Next Generation Multiresponsive Nanocarriers for Targeted Drug Delivery to Cancer Cells"
Altenbuchner, P. T.*; Werz, P. D. L.*; Schöppner, P.*; Adams, F.; Kronast, A.; Schwarzenböck, C.; Pöthig, A.; Jandl, C.; Haslbeck, M.; Rieger, B., Chem. Eur. J. 2016, 22 (41), 14576-84.

"Multiresponsive micellar blockcopolymers from 2-vinylpyridine and dialkylvinylphosphonates with a tunable lower critical solution temperature"
Adams, F.; Altenbuchner, P. T.; Werz, P. D. L.; Rieger, B., RSC Adv. 2016, 6 (82), 78750-78754.

Adams, F., Gruppentransferpolymerisation von Michael-Monomeren. Springer Best Masters, 2016, ISBN: 3658135743.

"Stereospecific catalytic precision polymerization of 2-vinylpyridine via rare earth metal-mediated group-transfer polymerization with 2-methoxyethylamino-bis(phenolate)-yttrium complexes"
Altenbuchner, P. T.; Adams, F.; Kronast, A.; Herdtweck, E.; Pöthig, A.; Rieger, B., Polym. Chem. 2015, 6 (38), 6796-6801.