Pharmaceutical Technology Chair of Prof. Dr. Gerhard Winter - Faculty for Chemistry and Pharmacy

PhD Program

Since 2000, we have enrolled more than 70 Ph.D. students in our program; more than 50 of them have already finished their thesis. Our students are mainly German, but we have many students from abroad, e.g. from Egypt, Switzerland, Bulgaria, Luxembourg, Italy, China, Brazil. The program is still individually organized, i.e. not part of a graduate school. The dissertation period typically needs about 3.5 years. Students have their own project, most of them in collaboration with industrial or academic partners. In addition to publishing scientific papers we have a long tradition to prepare patent manuscripts, if possible. Students will be introduced in patenting and cooperation project managing. In the course of the dissertation, 4 oral presentations are scheduled in the LMU seminar. Poster presentations and, if possible, an oral presentation at an international conference are standard expectations, as well as at least 2 research papers. In case the scientific rationale is given, internships or short research stays abroad are possible at one of our many partner labs. All Ph.D. students are involved in our teaching obligations for the many practical courses and seminars we provide for the undergraduates.

Applications are always possible if you have a scholarship, otherwise, please see the job openings on our website to find out about open positions. Completed studies with grades far above average in pharmacy or a related topic like e.g. (bio) engineering, (bio) chemistry etc. should be the basis for your application.