Pharmaceutical Technology Chair of Prof. Dr. Gerhard Winter - Faculty for Chemistry and Pharmacy

Sterile facility

Due to the focus on parenteral dosage forms and fostered by the more than 20 years of cumulated experience in industry and clinical supplies manufacturing of our leading personnel we have a complete GMP-like sterile facility You will find more details below. Briefly, it is a small, fully equipped unit enabling us to manufacture vials filled with solutions or lyophilized product under full aseptic conditions up to batch sizes of about 2000 units. A class A isolator allows furthermore to manufacture experimental research type formulations like implants in small numbers, again fully aseptically. The facility is also open to students enrolled in master classes, advanced courses or internships.



Equipment includes: Autoclave, Hot Air oven, Vial Washer, Ampule and Vila Filler, Syringe filler, Capper, Freeze dryer, Class A LF Isolator, VHP Generator, Monitoring System: Kaye validator, Microbial Air sampler, Airborne particle counter...