Dr. Jörg Stierstorfer - Fakultät für Chemie und Pharmazie



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  • Synthesis of Metal-Organic Frameworks based on azole ligands
  • Synthesis and characterization of green primary explosives (Transition metal complexes with nitrogen and/or oxygen-rich ligands following the general formula (M)(L)x(A)y [especially M=Cu,Fe,Zn; L=triazoles and tetrazoles; A=azide (N3-), perchlorate (ClO4-), chlorate (ClO3-) and nitrate (NO3-) with potential use as priming compounds such as lead azide and silver azide replacements, sensitizers or photo-sensitive ignition compounds.

  • Green priming compositions (lead styphnate replacements)

  • Fulminates (let's see what is possible) and other pseudohalides

Research for the group of Prof. Klapötke (2010-2020)

  • Synthesis of new High Explosives (Advanced syntheses of dense N,O-heterocycles [especially tetrazoles, triazoles, pyrazoles and oxadiazoles], cages and nitramines; formation of N-rich salts)
  • Synthesis of new High Energy Dense Oxidizer for Replacement of Ammonium Perchlorate [Nitrate esters, nitramines, polynitro compounds, nitrocarbons]
  • Development of enviromentally benign colorants in pyrotechnics
  • Fluorine Chemistry
  • Full characterization (X-Ray, IR, Raman, MS, multicore-NMR, DSC, EA, UV)
  • Thermal Stability and Compatibility (DSC, DTA, TG, vacuum stability test)
  • Characterization of energetic properties (friction, impact and electrical spark sensitivities, heat of combustion, calculation of detonation parameter)
  • Upscaling ("Koenen" steel sleeve test, Experimental determination of "detonation velocity")
  • X-Ray single crystal determination (Oxford, Xcalibur3 CCD)
  • Development of new safety standards

Dissertation (2006-2009)

"Advanced Energetic Materials Based on 5-Aminotetrazole - Synthesis, Characterization, Testing and Scale-up"

Diplomarbeit (2005)

"Chemistry of BTA" - Synthese, Salze und Komplexe von Bis(tetrazolyl)aminen

Gutachten und Beratung

  • Sprengstoffexperte (Über 12 Jahre Erfahrung in der Erforschung und Aufklärung von energetischen Materialien)
  • Beratung im Umgang und Verhinderung von Unfällen mit Spreng- und Treibstoffen
  • Erstellung von Gutachten
  • Sprengstoffdetektion

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