Theoretical Chemistry Group - Faculty for Chemistry and Pharmacy

Martin Grundei

Martin Grundei, M.Sc., PhD student
Room: BZ5.014
Phone: +49 89 2180-72409
E-Mail: martin.grundei[at]

Curriculum Vitae

2013/9-2014/9 Master of Science Chemistry, thesis: " Random Phase Approximation - grid refinement, weight derivatives and dispersion effects", LMU Munich
2009/9-2013/9 Bachelor of Science Cemistry and Biochemistry, LMU Munich


  • "Heterostructures of skutterudites and germanium antimony tellurides - structure analysis and thermoelectric properties of bulk samples", F. Fahrnbauer, S. Maier, M. Grundei, N. Giesbrech, M. Nentwig, T. Rosenthal, G. Wagner, G. J. Snyder, O. Oeckler, J. Mat. Chem. C, 3, 10525-10533 (2015).
  • "Random phase approximation for periodic systems employing direct Coulomb lattice summation", M. M. J. Grundei and A. M. Burow, J. Chem. Theory Comput. just accepted, DOI:10.1021/acs.jctc.6b01146.