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***One Master project available this Fall!***

A master thesis position in biochemistry/bioinorganic chemistry/radiochemistry is available starting November 2018 at LMU in Munich, focusing on lanthanide dependent enzymes their interaction with actinides. These enzymes have been discovered only recently in methanotrophic and methylotrophic bacteria and use lanthanides such as Neodymium and Europium in their active sites. The master project will involve the study of the interaction of these enzymes with radioactive elements by means of kinetic methods. We are looking for applications from strong M.Sc. candidates interested in working at the interface of inorganic chemistry, biochemistry and microbiology and radiochemistry with a degree in biochemistry or chemistry (biochemistry as a minor/major subject). This project is in close collaboration with Prof. Huub Op den Camp and Dr. Arjan Pol at Radboud University in Nimwegen and Prof. Georg Steinhauser. Occasional travel to the Institut für Radioökologie und Strahlenschutz in Hannover will be required.

AC-Forschungspraktikum and Bachelor Thesis

Please contact Henning, Niko (synthetic inorganic chemistry/coordination chemistry) or Berenice (biochemistry/enzyme kinetics) for available projects directly. Please include a transcipt of records, short CV and names of previous supervisors in your application.