For Prospective Students

We are pleased that you are interested in studying at the Faculty of Chemistry and Pharmacy at LMU Munich! Our faculty offers several possibilities to inform yourself about the study programs and the course of studies.

Study programs at the faculty - Overview

The Faculty of Chemistry and Pharmacy at LMU offers two bachelor's and three master's degree programs. In addition, chemistry can be studied as part of various teacher training programs and pharmacy as part of the state examination. Comprehensive information on the individual courses can be found on the pages linked below. The current course offerings can be found in the online course catalog LSF.

  • Open Day
    At the central LMU Campus day we have a booth where everyone interested in our programs can get information and counselling about the many possibilities for studying at the LMU.
    The presentation (PDF, 1,299 KB) (in German) of the pharmaceutical programs at the 2022 Virtual Campus Days can be found here.
  • High School Pupils' Information Day (Schülerinfotag)
    On Schülerinfotag at our faculty you can get insight into the programs offered as well as guidance.

Further Informationen
More programs and services at the LMU for schools and pupils are listed on the LMU-Website.

  • Because of organizational restrictions, we currently can not offer tours to individual classes. Instead, please take advantage of the high school pupils' information day (Schülerinfotag).
  • Lab courses for individual high school pupils are not available at the time being.
  • Several times a year, the Bavarian Chemical Society (Bayerische Chemieverbände) offers students and chemistry teachers from Bavarian high schools an introduction to chemistry programs (Schülertagen Chemie).

Why study at the LMU?
Here you can find a short profile of the Faculty of Chemistry and Pharmacy.
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Why study Chemistry/Biochemistry?
This page provides an overview of the course of study in chemistry/biochemistry to help answer the question of whether it is the right choice for you.
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Why study Pharmacy?
On this page, the differences in the two pharmaceutical degree programs "Pharmaceutical Sciences" and "Pharmacy - State Examination" are highlighted to answer the question which one is the right choice for you.
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Before you can begin your studies in a specific degree program, you must apply or enroll for that degree program.
Please inform yourself about the specific conditions under the corresponding study program.

Please follow this link

The academic year is divided into two semesters:

  • The summer semester - abbreviated as SoSe (from April 1 to September 30) and
  • The winter semester - abbreviated as WiSe (from October 1- March 31)

Each semester has a lecture period when most courses take place. The summer-semester lecture period lasts from mid-April to the end of July and in the winter semester from Mid-October until the beginning of February (lecture period may be found here).
Most lab courses, block courses, etc. take place during the lecture-free period, which is sometimes, incorrectly, called "semester break".

Introductory events

  • For first semester students (bachelor, state examinations, teaching courses) introductory courses are offered. Times and dates of theses courses can be found in the LSF university course catalogue.
  • On the first day or week of the lecture period there are events to inform students about the coming semester and to organize practice groups and assign lab spaces.

In these interactive learning programs you can test your knowledge of chemistry (e.g. stoichiometry) before and during your studies.

  • The interactive learning program "Chemical Computation" (Chemisches Rechnen, created by Isabel Puchinger, LMU) is targeted at university students and high school pupils in the higher grades.
  • Online Self Assessments für Studieninteressierte - developed by and geared towards TH Nuremberg, but recommended for anyone interested in science.
  • EChemTest - The European Chemistry Test Official Website

Here you can get further information how you can combine your competitive sports and your study program: Partnerhochschule des Spitzensports