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Former members of our team

Dr. Daniel Schwartz

Development of an Aqueous Suspension of Recombinant Human Bone Morphogenetic Protein-2 (rhBMP-2) (2005)

Dr. Richard Fuhrherr

Spray-dried antibody powders for pulmonary application (2005)

Dr. Iris Metzmacher

Enzymatic Degradation and Drug Release Behavior of Dense Collagen Implants (2005)

Dr. Stefanie Schüle

Stabilization of Antibodies in Spray-dried Powders for Inhalation (2005)

Dr. Susanne Matheus

(since 2009: Susanne Jörg)

Development of High Concentration Cetuximab Formulations using Ultrafiltration and Precipitation Techniques (2006)

Dr. Andrea Hawe

Studies on Stable Formulations for a Hydrophobic Cytokine (2006)

Dr. Matthias Ganz

Wirbelschichttrocknung von Proteinen (2007)

Dr. Andreas Rutz

Ölige Suspensionen als parenterale Depotsysteme für rekombinante Proteine (2007)

Dr. Cornelius Pompe

Development of New In-situ Hardening and Bioactivated Composite Materials for Orthopedic Indications (2008)

Dr. Florian Matl

Infected Biomaterials - New strategies for local anti-infective treatment (2008)

Dr. Virginie Le Brun

Physical Properties of Protein Formulations (2009)

Dr. Sylvia Kiese

Protein aggregation: Methods, Prediction and Inhibition (2009)

Dr. Frank Schaubhut

VEGF Carrying Coatings for Enhanced Vascular Graft Endothelialization (2010)

Dr. Johannes Mathes

Protein Adsorption to Vial Surfaces – Quantification, Structural and Mechanistic Studies (2010)

Dr. Katja Schmid

Spray drying of protein precipitates and Evaluation of the Nano Spray Dryer B-90 (2011)

Dr. Miriam Printz

The Value of Fluorescence and B22 Techniques as Complementary Approaches in Protein Stability Analysis (2011)

Dr. Lars Schiefelbein

Sugar-based surfactants for pharmaceutical Protein formulations (2011)

Dr. Julia Kasper

Lyophilization of Nucleic Nanoparticles - Formulation Development, Stabilization Mechanisms, and Process Monitoring (2012)

Dr. Winfried Schlögl

Development of Advanced Biomaterials for Bone Tissue Engineering (2012)

Dr. Kerstin Vay

Analysis and control of the manufacturing process and the release properties of PLGA microparticles for sustained delivery of a poorly water-soluble drug (2012)

Dr. Sarah Claus

Novel Dry Powder Inhalation System Based on Dispersion of Lyophilisates (2012)

Dr. Eva-Maria Ruberg

Development of sustained release formulations for the intra-articular delivery of a therapeutic antibody (2013)

Dr. Kristine Berkenhoff

Subcutaneous suspensions of therapeutic proteins formulated as protein-coated microcrystals (2013)

Dr. Sarah Zölls

Protein Particle Analysis - Critical Factors and New Standards (2013)

Dr. Katharina Ziegler

Untersuchungen zur Stabilisierung und Interaktion von Cetuximab mit nicht-ionischen Tensiden (2013)

Dr. Kerstin Höger

Investigations on Protein Adsorption to Coated Glass Vials (2014)

Dr. Fabian Higel

Pharmacokinetic profiling of therapeutic proteins and variants by mass spectrometry (2014)

Dr. Tim Menzen

Temperature-Induced Unfolding, Aggregation, and Interaction of Therapeutic Monoclonal Antibodies (2014)

Dr. Gudrun Birk

Formulation development of a highly concentrated suspension of Cilengitide. (2014)

Dr. Philipp Matthias

In situ-hardening hydrogels for the sustained release of protein pharmaceutics. (2014)

Dr. Verena Saller

Interactions of formulation and disposables in biopharmaceutical drug product manufacturing. (2015)

Dr. Madeleine Witting

Local and targeted delivery of proteins (2016)

Dr. Stefanie Funke

Cartridges filling with biopharmaceuticals with focus on the optimization of the siliconization process (2016)

Dr. Christoph Korpus

Freeze-Drying in Dual Chamber Cartridges - from Energy Transfer to Process Control - (2017)

Dr. Bifeng Wang

Particle engineering technologies to improve protein drug delivery; spray drying and fluidized bed drying (2017)

Dr. Kerstin Hoffmann

Sustained release lipid microparticles (2017)

Dr. Ellen Köpf

Antibody drugs at the liquid-air interface: physicochemical characteristics, aggregation & the impact of formulation (2017)

Dr. Corinna Dürr

Studies on the Physicochemical Stability of Antibody conjugates (2018)

Dr. Jacqueline Horn

New aspects of process and formulation development of freeze-drying of proteins (2018)

Dr. Kay Strüver


Dr. Yordanka Yordanova

Oil-Based Parenteral Depot Formulation for Veterinary Peptide Delivery(2018)