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PhD students

Oliver Blümel

optimized freezing and thawing of formulations containing therapeutic proteins in bottles of specific shape

Marco Carfagna

PAT tools and scale-up (-down) in freeze-drying

Sarah Daller

Process control tools and scale-up in freeze-drying

Natalie Deiringer

Protein aggregation induced by pumping of biopharmaceutics

Martin Domnowski

Self-Interaction and targeted Engineering of monoclonal Antibodies

Inas El-Bialy

Interfacial aggregation behavior of protein formulations

Lorenzo Gentiluomo

Protein aggregation kinetics

Christian Haase

Raman spectroscopy of aggregates and particles in protein pharmaceuticals

Christoph Marschall

Protein delivery with biocompatible non-aqueous solvents

Robina Meyer

Detection of altered protein in biopharmaceuticals

Fabian Moll Eigenschaften, Langzeitverhalten und Optimierung silikonisierter Cartridges
Ivonne Seifert Development of protein formulations for lyophilization
Eduard Trenkenschuh Freeze-drying of nanoparticles