Group of Dr. Ploetz - Faculty for Chemistry and Pharmacy


21-07-2022 Congratulation to Adrian for an exceptional PhD defense with fanatastic results! Well done!
01-07-2022 Welcome to Jonas who joins the group as new PhD student working on Spectral Tracking.
08-06-2022 Daniel joined the group for his F practicum . Welcome!
22-04-2022 The second Junior Group Research Seminar is scheduled for May 6th at Wieland HS at 15h. Don't miss the registration.
08-04-2022 Our new paper got accepted in  JACS! Stay tuned.
07-04-2022 Don't miss the first Junior Group Research Seminar on April 29th at Butenandt-HS at 15h.
21-02-2022 Congratulation to Adrian and Fabian! In out recent publication in ChemBioChem, we employed two-photon induced fluorescence-lifetime imaging to monitor the uptake of the fluorescent, second messenger cthGAMP in cells together with the Carrell group. 
02-12-2021 Our research was highlighted in the LMU Newsroom. :)
26-11-2021 Evelyn gave a talk at CeNS on Correlative Imaging and Spectroscopy of Nano-Agents.
23-11-2021 Jihaa! Our paper describing how to to probe heterogenieties in MOFs by our newly developed setup and MOSAIC analysis is online in Advanced Materials. Congrats to Adrian!
20-11-2021 We are looking for Master students to join the group working on nanoparticle characterization.
08-11-2011 Evelyn was invited to talk at the 21st-century symposium about the Impact of heterogeneity in metal-organic frameworks.
01-11-2021 Join us at the Online Symposium of the "21st Century Materials Emerging Scholars at the Frontiers" on 8-10 November 2021, 6 - 9 PM (UAE Time).
25-10-2021 Farewell Party with Nagore. We are looking forward to having you in the lab next spring!
25-09-2021 Welcome to Nagore who joins the lab for a short-term exchange with the Basque Center for Materials, Applications and Nanostructures, Spain!
22-09-2021 After 1.5 years: a poster session organised by Center of Nanoscience. Thanks for the great meeting Nano meets quantum, together with @MCQST_cluster!
25-07-2021 Ludwig submitted his Zulassungsarbeit. Congrats!
14-06-2021 How to restrain graphene in order to control the fluorescence properties of dyes? Our recent publication together with the Tinnefeld Lab was published in ACS Nano. Thanks for the great collaboration! Find out more about it at the LMU News (de/en)!
12-04-2021 Ludwig joined the Raman-Team for his 'Zulassungsarbeit'. Welcome!
10-02-2021 Adrian's paper got accepted in iSciences with the title Spatio-selective activation of nuclear translocation of YAP with light directs invasion of cancer cell spheroids
04-12-2020 Evelyn was awarded with the CeNS Publication Award 2020 for the Best Junior Scientist Publication in Advanced Materials.
01-12-2020 A warm welcome to Fabian, who officially joined the group as a PhD student!
20-10-2020 Congrats to Adrian! His paper on microparticulate pollutants in marine sponges got accepted in Environmental Pollution!
Read more about it in the LMU News (de/en).
05-08-2020 Max submitted his Bachelor Thesis in Physics and defended. Congrats!
15-05-2020 Despite Corona: we made it! Petra submitted her Master Thesis in Physics. Congrats
01-05-2020 Max joined for his bachelor thesis. Welcome!
17-03-2020 Our latest paper was published in Advanced Materials about:   Metal–Organic Framework Nanoparticles Induce Pyroptosis in Cells Controlled by the Extracellular pH. Find out more about it at the LMU News (de/en)
01-04-2019 Petra joined the Lab for her Master Thesis on Stimulated Raman Microscopy for Material characterisation.