Group of Dr. Ploetz - Faculty for Chemistry and Pharmacy


Peer-reviewed articles

  • Asadiatouei P, Salem CB, Wanninger S, Ploetz E, Lamb DC
    Deep-LASI, Single-molecule data analysis software.  
    Biophys. J., ​​(2024). Accepted.
  • Tittel J, Knechtel F, Ploetz E
    Conquering Metal-organic frameworks by Raman scattering techniques.  
    Adv. Funct. Mater.​​​​​​, (2024). p. 2307518.
  • Ploetz E, Ambrose B, Barth A, Börner R, Cordes T, Erichson F, Kapanidis A, Kim H, Levitus M, Lohman T, Mazumder A, Rueda D, Steffen F, Magennis SW, Lerner E
    A new twist on PIFE: photoisomerisation-related fluorescence enhancement.  
    Methods Appl. Fluoresc.​​​​​​​​​​​, (2023). 12: p. 012001.
  • Wanninger S, Asadiatouei P, Bohlen J, Salem CB, Tinnefeld P, Ploetz, Lamb DC
    Deep-LASI: Deep-Learning Assisted Single-molecule Imaging Analysis of multi-color DNA origami structures.  
    Nat. Commun., ​​(2023). 14: p. 6564.
  • Fuchs A, Knechtel F, Wang H, Zhe J, Wuttke S, Yaghi OM, Ploetz E
    Water Harvesting at the Single Crystal Level.  
    J. Am. Chem. Soc.​​​​​​, (2023). 145(26): p. 14324-14334.
  • Mieskes F, Ploetz E, Wehnekamp F, Rat V, Lamb DC
    Multicolor 3D Orbital Tracking.  
    Small, (2023). 19(17): p. 2204726.
  • Canossa S, Ji Z, Gropp C, Rong Z, Ploetz E, Wuttke S, Yaghi OM
    Systems of Sequences in Multivariate Reticular Structures.  
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  • Veth S, Fuchs A, Özdemir D, Dialer C, Drexler DJ, Knechtel F, Witte G, Hopfner KP, Carell T, Ploetz E
    Chemical synthesis of the fluorescent, cyclic dinucleotides cthGAMP.  
    ChemBioChem, (2022). 23: p. e202200005.
  • Andreo J, Ettlinger R, Zaremba O, Peña Q, Lächelt U, Fernández de Luis R, Freund R, Canossa S, Ploetz E, Zhu W, Diercks CS, Gröger H, Wuttke S
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    J. Am. Chem. Soc., (2022). 144: p. 7531-7550.
  • Fuchs A, Mannhardt P, Hirschle P, Wang H, Zaytseva I, Yaghi OM, Wuttke S, Ploetz E
    Single Crystals Heterogeneity Impacts the Intrinsic and Extrinsic Properties of Metal–Organic Frameworks.  
    Adv. Mater., (2022). 34: p. 2104530. 
  • Freund R, Zaremba O, Arnauts G, Ameloot R, Skorupskii G, Dincă M, Bavykina A, Gascon J, Ejsmont A, Gościańska J, Kalmutzki M, Lächelt U, Ploetz E, Diercks CS, Wuttke S,   
    The Current Status of MOF and COF Applications. Angewandte 2021. 60(45): p. 23975-24001.
  • Krause S, Ploetz E, Bohlen J, Schüler P, Yaadav R, Selbach F, Steiner F, Kaminska I, Tinnefeld P
    Graphene-on-glass preparation and cleaning methods characterized by single-molecule DNA origami fluorescent probes and Raman spectroscopy.  
    ACS Nano, 2021. 15: p.6430-6438.
  • Ploetz E*, Schuurman-Wolters GK*, Zielstra N, Jager AW, Griffith DA, Guskov A, Gouridis G, Poolman B, Cordes T
    Structural and biophysical characterization of the tandem substrate binding domains of the ABC importer GlnPQ. 
    Open Biol., 2021. 11: p.200406. (* equal contribution).
  • Lerner E, Barth A, Hendrix J, Ambrose B, Birkedal V, Blanchard SC, Börner R, Chung HS, Cordes T, Craggs TD, Deniz AA, Diao J, Fei J, Gonzalez RL, Gopich IV, Ha T, Hanke CA, Haran G, Hatzakis NS, Hohng S, Hong SC, Hugel T, Ingargiola A, Joo C, Kapanidis AN, Kim HD, Laurence T, Lee NK, Lee TH, Lemke EA, Margeat E, Michaelis J, Michalet X, Myong S, Nettels D, Peulen TO, Ploetz E, Razvag Y, Robb NC, Schuler B, Soleimaninejad H, Tang C, Vafabakhsh R, Lamb DC, Seidel CAM, Weiss S
    FRET-based dynamic structural biology: challenges, perspectives and an appeal for open-science practices. 
    eLIFE, 2021. 10: p. e60416.
  • Illes B, Fuchs A, Gegenfurtner F, Ploetz E, Zahler S, Vollmar AM, Engelke H
    Spatio-selective activation of nuclear translocation of YAP with light directs invasion of cancer cell spheroids. 
    iSciences, 2021. 102185.
  • Cao J, Zaremba O, Lei Q, Ploetz E, Wuttke S, Zhe W
    Artificial bioaugmentation of biomacromolecules and living organisms for biomedical applications. 
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  • Ejsmont A, Andreo J, Lanza A, Galarda A, Macreadie L, Wuttke S, Canossa S, Ploetz E, Goscianska J
    Applications of reticular diversity in metal-organic frameworks: an ever-evolving state of the art.
    Coord. Chem. Rev., 2021. 213655.
  • Girard EB, Fuchs A, Kaliwoda M, Lasut M, Ploetz E, Schmahl WW, Wörheide G
    Sponges as bioindicators for microparticulate pollutants. 
    Environ. Pollut., 2021. 268: p. 115851.
  • Ploetz E*, Zimpel A*, Krombolz S, Cauda V, Bauer D, Haisch C, Lamb DC, Zahler S, Vollmar AM, Wuttke S, Engelke H
    Metal-organic framework nanoparticles induce pyroptosis in cells controlled by the extracellular pH.
    Adv. Mater., 2020. 32: p. 1907267. (* equal contribution).
  • Ploetz E, Engelke H, Lächelt U, Wuttke S
    The Chemistry of Reticular Framework Nanoparticles: MOF, ZIF, and COF Materials.
    Adv. Funct. Mater., 2020. 1909062.
  • Guo J, Zhu W, Serda R, Agola JO, NoureddineA, Ploetz E, Wuttke S and Brinker CJ
    Modular assembly of Red Blood Cell superstructures from Metal-Organic Framework Nanoparticle-based Building Blocks.
    Adv. Funct. Mater., 2020. 2005935.
  • Heiss G*, Ploetz E*, Voith von Voithenberg L*, Viswanathan R, Schluesche P, Madhira S, Meisterernst M, Auble DT, Lamb DC
    Conformational changes and catalytic inefficiency associated with Mot1-mediated TBP-DNA dissociation.
    Nucl. Acid Res., 2019. 47: p. 2793-2806. (* equal contribution).
  • Jazi A*, Ploetz E*, Arizki M, Subramaniam B, Waclawska I, Krämer R, Ziegler C, Cordes T
    Caging and photoactivation in single-molecule Förster resonance energy transfer experiments.
    Biochemistry, 2017. 56(14): p. 2031-2041.
  • Ploetz E*, Lerner E*, Husada F, Roelfs M, Chung S, Hohlbein J, Weiss S, Cordes T
    Förster resonance energy transfer and protein-induced fluorescence enhancement as synergetic multi-scale molecular ruler.
    Sci. Reports, 2016. 6: p. 33257 (* equal contribution).
  • Lerner E*, Ploetz E*, Hohlbein J, Cordes T, Weiss S
    A quantitative theoretical framework for PIFE-FRET.
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    Nat. Struct. Mol. Biol., 2015. 22: p. 57-64 (* equal contribution).
  • van der Velde JHM, Oelerich J, Huang J, Smit J, Hiermaier M, Ploetz E, Herrmann A, Roelfes G, Cordes T
    The Power of Two: Covalent Coupling of Photostabilizers for Fluorescence Applications. 
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  • Ploetz E, Visser B, Slingenbergh W, Evers K, Martinez-Martinez D, Pei YT, Feringa BL, De Hosson JTM, Cordes T, van Dorp WF
    Selective functionalization of patterned glass surfaces. 
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  • Herzog TT, Ryseck G, Ploetz E, Cordes T
    The photochemical ring opening reaction of chromene as seen by transient absorption and fluorescence spectroscopy.  
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  • van der Velde JHM, Ploetz E, Hiermaier M, Oelerich J, de Vries JW, Roelfes G, Cordes T
    Mechanism of Intramolecular Photostabilization in Self-Healing Cyanine Fluorophores.
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  • Ploetz E, Marx B, Gilch P
    Origin of spectral interferences in femtosecond stimulated Raman microscopy.
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  • Ploetz E, Marx B, Gilch P
    Disturbing interference patterns in femtosecond stimulated Raman microscopy.
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  • Ploetz E, Marx B, Klein T, Huber R, Gilch P
    A 75 MHz Light Source for Femtosecond Stimulated Raman Microscopy.
    Opt. Express, 2009. 17(21): p. 18612-18620. 
    Published in: Virtual Journal of Ultrafast Science 9 (1) November 2009
    Published in: Virtual Journal of Biomedical Optics 4 (12) Januar 2010, p. 18612
  • Ploetz E, Laimgruber S, Berner S, Zinth W, Gilch P
    Femtosecond stimulated Raman microscopy.
    Appl. Phys. B, 2007. 87(3): p. 389-393.

Further Publications

  • Asadiatouei P, Wanninger S, Bohlen J, Salem CB, Tinnefeld P, Ploetz E, Lamb DC
    Deep-learning assisted single-molecule FRET analyses established using DNA origami structures.  
    Biophys. J., ​​(2024). 123(3): p. 285a.
  • Illes B, Fuchs A, Gegenfurtner F, Ploetz E, Zahler S, Vollmar AM, Engelke H
    Photoactivation of YAP for controlled growth of cell collectives. 
    Europ. Biophys. J., 2021. 50: p. S140-.
  • Fuchs A, Girard EB, Ploetz E, Wörheide G
    Schwämme als Bioindikatoren für Mikroplastikverschmutzung in Gewässern
    Laborpraxis, 2021, Online.
  • Salem B, Ploetz E, Lamb DC
    Probing dynamics in Single Molecules. in "Spectroscopy and Dynamics of Single Molecules: Methods and Applications", 
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  • Ploetz E, Barth A, Voith von Voithenberg L, Agam G, Lamb DC
    Elucidating the molecular binding mechanism of TATA-box binding protein using PIE-PIFE.
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    Spektrale Modulationen in der Femtosekunden-Stimulierten Raman-Mikroskopie.
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