Group of Prof. Hoffmann-Röder - Faculty for Chemistry and Pharmacy

Research Interests

Andreas Baumann

16th Tetrahedron Symposium (Berlin 2015)

Tom Podewin

16th Tetrahedron Symposium (Berlin 2015)

Maximilian Reindl

16th Tetrahedron Symposium (Berlin 2015)

"Synthesis of novel and highly functionalized CF3-containing scaffolds for MedChem applications" "Photocontrolled AzoChignolin beta-Hairpin Peptidomimetics" "Synthesis of fluorinated CPS Antigens of S. Pneumoniae Type 14"

Markus Daum

14th Tetrahedron Symposium (Vienna 2013)

Amrei Deutsch

Frontiers in Med. Chem.(Marburg 2015)

"Synthesis of multiple-fluorinated tumor-associated MUC1 carbohydrate antigen and glycopeptide analogs" "Highly substituted, trifluoromethylated imidazoles as potential scaffolds in medicinal chemistry"