Pharmaceutical Technology Chair of Prof. Dr. Gerhard Winter - Faculty for Chemistry and Pharmacy

Ph.D. Theses

Dr. Nicole Härdter
The use of novel polymeric vials for lyophilization of biopharmaceuticals and microwave-assisted freeze-drying
München, 2024

Dr. Sebastian Groël
Lyophilisation process design for protein drugs using alpha-relaxations and thermal history
München, 2023

Dr. Carolin Berner
Application of molecular dynamics simulations for developability assessment and formulation development of biologics
München, 2023

Dr. Bernard Manuel Haryadi
Engineering of Bioinspired Nanoparticles for Drug Delivery and Targeting
München, 2022

Dr. Ruth Rieser
Purification, characterization and lyophilization of adeno associated virus vectors
München, 2022

Dr. Simon Eisele
Development of a sprayable hydrogel containing the recombinant bacteriophage endolysin HY–133 for topical MRSA sanitation
München, 2022

Dr. Andreas Stelzl
Subcutaneous delivery of high concentrated mAb-formulations using novel application systems
München, 2021

Dr. Ute Rockinger
Lyophilization of Human Keratinozytes
München, 2021

Dr. Dennis Krieg
Development, characterization and stability of therapeutic protein co-formulations
München, 2021

Dr. Julian Gitter
New Approaches to Optimize Freeze-drying of Monoclonal Antibodies
München, 2020

Dr. Weiwei Liu
New Studies on Protein Loaded VPG as Controlled Release Systems
München, 2020

Dr. Andreas Tosstorff
Discovery of protein stabilizing excipient candidates
München, 2019

Dr. Hristo Svilenov
Formulation of therapeutic proteins: Protein unfolding, refolding, aggregation and long-term storage stability
München, 2019

Dr. Teresa Franziska Kraus
The evaluation of immunogenicity of therapeutic antibody drug aggregates using 2D and 3D in vitro models
München, 2019

Dr. Michaela Maria Breitsamer
Lipid-based depots: manufacturing, administration and interactions of protein-drugs with lipid formulations
München, 2019

Dr. Nicole Scherer
Leachable and Extractable Studies on Single-Use System Technologies in commercial scale Drug Filling Lines
München, 2019

Dr. Alexander Rysin
Investigation of lipophilic chemotherapeutics and high-molecular weight compounds for the local delivery by phosphatidyldiglycerol-based thermosensitive liposomes
München, 2019

Dr. Randy Lee Wanner
MicroScale Thermophoresis (MST) for Protein Formulation Development
München, 2019

Dr. Ilona Vollrath
Controlled nucleation and heat flux measurements as innovative technologies for freeze drying
München, 2018

Dr. Leticia Rodrigues Neibecker
Development of novel vaccine carriers: Physicochemical and Biological Characterization of Hexosomes
München, 2018

Dr. Laura Engelke-Mücksch
Cutaneous vaccination- Investigation of different approaches of intradermal vaccine delivery
München, 2018

Dr. Katharina Geh
Gelatine Nanoparticles as Immunomodulatory Drug Delivery System - Advanced Production Processes and Clinical Trials
München, 2018

Dr. Eva Reinauer
Design of an anti-inflammatory coating for invasive medical devices
München, 2018

Dr. Benjamin Werner
Filtration and novel polymeric containers for the improved quality of biotec drug products
München, 2017

Dr. Barbara Kneidl
Formulation studies, lyophilization and in vivo investigation of 1,2-dipalmitoyl-sn-glycero-3-phosphodiglycerol-based thermosensitive liposomes for the delivery of gemcitabine, irinotecan and SN-38
München, 2017

Dr. Moritz Vollrath
Extruded lipid implants for intravitreal use - Protein stability, release kinetics and process design
München, 2017

Dr. Janek Kibat
Development of a protein microarray platform for the characterization of antibodies and quantitative immunoassays
München, 2017

Dr. Elisa Agostini
Water-based Spider Silk Films
München, 2017

Dr. Maximilian Utzinger
PLGA-based micro- and nanoparticle development fpr chemically modified messenger RNA delivery
München, 2017

Dr. Matthias Lucke
Recombinant spider silk protein particles for a modern vaccination approach
München, 2017

Dr. Elsa Etzl
Collapse dried protein powders for needle-free ballistic injection
München, 2016

Dr. Christian Neuhofer
Development of lipid based depot formulations using interferon-beta-1b as a model protein
München, 2015

Dr. Cihad Anamur
Novel formulation approaches for ballistic intradermal vaccination
München, 2015

Dr. Robert Liebner
Formulation of PEGylated and HESylated Biopharmaceuticals
München, 2015 

Dr. Roman Mathäs
Non-sherical micro- and nanoparticles: fabrication, characterization and in-vitro investigations
München, 2015

Dr. Marie-Paule Even
Twin-screw extruded lipid implants for vaccine delivery
München, 2015

Dr. Angela Schoch
Influence of the antibody variable domain on FcRn-dependent pharmacokinetics
München, 2014

Dr. Thomas Bosch
Aggressive freeze-drying - a fast and suitable method to stabilize biopharmaceuticals
München, 2014

Dr. Christian Hildebrandt
Crystalline monoclonal antibodies: Development of stable crystals for drying and sustained release formulations
München, 2014

Dr. Martina Sprengholz
Industrial ram extrusion as innovative tool for the development of biodegradable sustained release implants
München, 2014

Dr. Sebastian Peter Hertel 
Pulmonary delivery of pharmaceutical proteins by means of vibrating mesh nebulization
München, 2014

Dr. Raimund Geidobler
Cyclodextrins as excipients in drying of proteins and controlled ice nucleation in freeze-drying
München, 2014

Dr. Matthäus Noga
Bioresponsive HES-PEI conjugates for controlled shielding and deshielding of pDNA polyplexes
München, 2013

Dr. Elisabeth Härtl
Novel approaches for stabilization and characterization of therapeutic proteins in liquid formulations
München, 2013

Dr. Markus Hofer
Development of spider silk protein particles for pharmaceutical applications
München, 2013

Dr. Yibin Deng
Investigations on the administration of dry vaccines for epidermal powder injection
München 2013

Dr. Veronika Spalthoff
New analytical methods for the assessment of the physical stability of therapeutical proteins
München 2012

Dr. Angelika Freitag
The immunogenicity of protein aggregates: Studies on a murine monoclonal antibody in wild-type mice
München 2012

Dr. Gerhard Sax
Twin-screw extruded lipid implants for controlled protein drug delivery
München 2012

Dr. Kathrin Brigitte Mathis
Characterisation of protein formulations and non-viral gene vectors by asymmetrical flow field-flow fractionation and ultrasonic resonance technology
München 2010

Dr. Klaus Freitag
Preparation of nanodispersions by antisolvent precipitations - a new formulation approach
München 2010

Dr. Tim Serno
Inhibition of therapeutic protein aggregation by cyclodextrins
München 2010

Dr. Sebastian Fuchs
Gelatin nanoparticles as a modern platform for drug delivery
München 2010

Dr. Ahmed Moustafa Kamal Youssef Mohamed
Systematic Studies to Correlate Microcalorimetry with Stability Studies on 
Liquid Formulations of Various Protein Drugs
München 2010

Dr. Eva Rosenberg
Aggregation of therapeutic antibodies in the course of downstream processing
München 2009

Dr. Weiwei Tian
The development of sustained release formulation for pharmaceutical proteins based on vesicular phospholipid gels
München 2009

Dr. Stephan Schultes
Nanoparticles for RNA interference – novel preclinical formulations for sirna mediated gene therapie
München 2009

Dr. Kathrin Schersch
Effect of collapse on pharmaceutical protein lyophilizates
München 2009

Dr. Martin Schwab
Degradation of lipid based drug delivery systems and characterization of semi-synthetic silk proteins for the application in pharmaceutical technology
München 2009

Dr. Steliyan Tinkov
Development of ultrasound contrast agents for targeted drug delivery
München 2009

Dr. Stefan Gottschalk
Crystalline monoclonal antibodies: process development for large scale production, stability and pharmaceutical applications
München 2008

Dr. Rainer Lang
Virus-like particle based vaccines: stabilization by freeze-drying and development of sustained-release devices
München 2008

Dr. Michael Wiggenhorn
Scale-up of liposome manufacturing: combining high pressure liposome extrusion with drying technologies
München 2007

Dr. Sandra Herrmann
Lipidic implants for pharmaceutical proteins:mechanisms of release and developement of extruded devices
München, 2007

Dr. Jan Zillies
Gelatin nanoparticles for targeted oligonucleotide delivery to cupffer cells – analytics, formulation development, practical application
München, 2007

Dr. Klaus Zwiorek
Gelatin nanoparticles as delivery system for nucleotide-based drugs
München, 2006

Dr. Kathrin Schimanski
Untersuchungen zum Stabilitätsverhalten der therapeutischen Antikörper-Zytokin-Konstrukte huKS-IL 2 und hu.14.18-IL2
München, 2006

Dr. Roland Schmidt
Topical delivery of α1-antichymotrypsin for wound healing
München, 2005

Dr. Silke Mohl
The development of a sustained and controlled release device for pharmaceutical proteins based on lipid implants
München, 2004

Dr. Friedrich Gruber
Untersuchungen zur Enkapsulierung von Paclitaxel in kationischen Liposomen
München, 2004

Dr. Matthias Willmann
Stabilisierung von pharmazeutischen Proteinlösungen durch Vakuumtrocknung; Verfahrenstechnische Optimierung verschiedener Vakuumtrocknungsverfahren, Untersuchung von Aggregations-Phänomenen und Evaluierung von Hilfsstoffen
München, 2003

Dr. Saskia Waibler
Comparative studies on manufacturing methods for cationic liposomes
München, 2003

Dr. Wolfgang Fraunhofer
Asymmetrical flow field-flow-fractionation in pharmaceutical analytics: Investigations in aggregation tendencies of pharmaceutical antibodies
München, 2003

Dr. Sabine Effer
Optimierung der pharmakokinetischen Eigenschaften von schwerlöslichen Substanzen mit Hilfe von Mikroemulsionen
München, 2003

Dr. Anke Stabenau
Trocknung und Stabilisierung von Proteinen mittels Warmlufttrocknung und Applikation von Mikrotropfen
München, 2003

Dr. Ingo Presser
Innovative Online Messverfahren zur Optimierung von Gefriertrocknungsprozessen
München, 2003

Dr. Dirk Haefner
Untersuchungen zu Wechselwirkungen zwischen flexiblen kationischen Lipidvesikeln und DNS sowie in vitro und in vivo Eigenschaften der daraus hergestellten Komplexe (Prof. Cevc)
München, 2002

Dr. Ralf Zippelius
Untersuchungen zum Einfrieren- und Auftauverhalten pharmazeutischer Humanproteinlösungen im Großmaßstab
München, 2002

Dr. Claudia Roth
Moderne Steuerungsverfahren für die Gefriertrocknung – Wägesystem
Erlangen, 2000 (Prof. Lee)

Dr. Markus Mattern
Stabilisierung von therapeutischen Proteinen mittels Gefrier- und Vakuumtrocknung
Erlangen, 1997 (Prof. Lee)

Dr. Michael Morlock
Erythropoietin-Mikropartikel – Eine Untersuchung zur Mikroverkapselung von Proteinen mit Hilfe bioabbaubarer Polyester
Marburg, 1995 (Prof. Kissel)