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Daumann Group News 2019


A lot happening today: Lena and Helena went to HZDR to set up a collaboration. Rachel rejoined the group for her master thesis and Mari joined us for her bachelor thesis. We wish you both lots of success! And Hennings paper on PQQ got published in Inorganic Chemistry! Congrats!


Lena gave a talk at the University in Bonn. There was time to visit the Kekulé statue as well!


Lena gave a talk at the Terrae rarae confrence in Stockholm/Helsinki and visited Ytterby!


Bere, Helena and Lena attended the PVC Conference in beautiful Nijmegen!


We attended the Robert Bosch Jugendkongress in Stuttgart and the Students presented their own, hand-build and curated exhibition on Rare Earth Element Recycling.

The final product looked amazing, with lots of interactive modules, ipad videos and slideshows and a quiz!


Our collaboration with Arjan Pol, Huub Op den Camp has yielded yet another paper! This time we have investigated with Paul Bernhardt from UQ the electrocatalysis of our Eu-MDH with its physiological electron‐acceptor cytochrome cGJ. Check out our cool cover art for this article below!


Lena gave a talk at the University of Leipzig


Jonas started his Bachelor thesis work with us, welcome! We wish you lots of success!


The group has a twitter account now! Follow @DaumannL the Daumann Lab


Caro started her Bachelor thesis work with us, welcome! We wish you lots of success!


Our review of the Emergence of Lanthanide Metallobiochemistry is now available as an accepted article on the Angewandte Chemie Int. Ed. website!


Lena gave a talk at the Mentoring Retreat Chemistry, Biochemistry and Pharmacy at Kloster Frauenwörth, Fraueninsel, Chiemsee.

What a beautiful setting to discuss careers in and outside academia with young and talented scientists!


Lena was at the Ars Legendi Award Ceremony in Berlin!

Fotograf: Kay Herschelmann


Our collaboration with Op den Camp and coworkers towards characterization of a novel cytochrome cGJ as the electron acceptor of XoxF-MDH in the thermoacidophilic methanotroph Methylacidiphilum fumariolicum SolV has been published in BBA-Proteins and Proteomics as an open access article!


An article about our Rober-Bosch Foundation sponsored outreach project: "Our Common Future" has appeared in the Münchner Merkur Würmtal:

We thank Peter Seybold and Denise Höfle from Münchner Merkur Würmtal for the coverage!

11.3 - 14.3. 2019

Lena and Henning attended the final SFB 749-Meeting at Venice International University, San Servolo. Lena gave a talk about lanthanides in biology and Henning presented a poster about his work with the redox cofactor PQQ.


Lena is excited to be the recipient of the Ars legendi-Preis für exzellente Hochschullehre in 2019! Read more about her teaching methods here and the LMU press release here.


New Group Picture today with our new intern Juliane! Welcome!


We welcome the BOGY intern Chiara S. into our lab this week!


We are excited to host Rob Schmitz, PhD student from Radboud university in Nimwegen and our dear Alumna Lauren Davidson this week in our lab!


Rachel joined the group for an ACF internship. Welcome Rachel!


Lena was selected as Fellow for the Klaus Tschira Boost Fund by the German Scholars Organization e.V.. The funding will allow us to conduct a joint project with Prof. Huub Op den Camp (Radboud University), Prof. Cecilia Martinez-Gomez (Michigan State University), Dr. Robin Steudtner (Helmholtz-Zentrum Dresden-Rossendorf), and Prof. Georg Steinhauser (IRS Hannover). We are looking forward to this international and interdisciplinary project! Learn more about the Klaus Tschira Boost Fund in this radio interview here.


Annika joined the group as an ACF Intern. Welcome Annika!


Lena gave a talk at TU Braunschweig


Group Lab Selfie


Helena startted her PhD with us. Welcome to the team Helena! We wish you lots of success!