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Daumann Group News 2023


Lena was awarded the LMU Lehrinnovationspreis :)


Sophie won the poster prize at ICBIC in Adelaide, and Tri got a SBIC Travel grant, congrats!


We congratulate Helena for her first prize at the RCA Workshop! This is the second one in a row :) wohoooooo!


Recyling of REE with bacteria? hell yeah!

Out latest study on this was just accepted at Chem Comm. Stay tuned!


We welcome Alex at HHU to the group, great to have you with us!


Our study on the biological relevance of actinides was accepted in Angewandte Chemie as a VIP paper!

Check it out here!

Some press releases: German, English


We welcome Timm (at HHU) and Philippe to the group this month. We wish you lots of success!


Rachel, Violeta and Lena have been awarded the FAIR4Chem Award by the NFDI4Chem for the FAIRest dataset! Find the dataset for our recent Synthesis article here.

Daumann Group News 2022


We welcome Paul for his Bachelor Thesis this week!


Our article on new PQQ derivatives is online at Synthesis!


Lena recieved the Earl L. Muetterties Memorial lectureship of UC Berkeley


Sophie rejoins the group as Hiwi and we welcome a new intern Domenic!


Congratulations to Helena who won the prize for best PhD student talk at the TR conference in Leipzig!


For the past two weeks we hosted Naasson Mbenza Mbambi from the University of Toronto for a cool Lanthanide-enzyme project!


Lena gave an interview on rare earth elements to radio cosmo, WDR. It aired today!


Mikey rejoined the group for his PhD thesis, welcome back! We wish you lots of success!


Did you know the Daumann group has an Instragram account? Make sure to follow us for stories and impressions from the lab!


Lena explains some of our research to the German Deutschlandfunk podcast: Listen to it here

Below is a photo of AM1 colonies in form of the DLF Logo (Credit Sophie Gutenthaler)


The group went on a team building and science communication workshop in Salzburg. We now also have a new group picture!


Lena gave a talk at the SchIT Lehrerfortbildung about our lanthanide recyling outreach project.


Some members of the group went to Eurobic in Grenoble and presented posters (Niko, Sophie, Annika, Violeta, Tri) and Lena gave a talk. Sophie won a prize for her poster, congratulations!


Helena and Lena participated in the online Tagung Digital Together, Helena presented the seminar we established with the teacher students at LMU


Lena gave a talk in Oldenburg


Lena gave a talk in Vienna, of course some lanthanide-related sightseeing was included!


The group went to a lasertag outing with the Zeymer Group from TUM


Just in time for the weekend: a paper accepted in PCCP, more infos to come!


The SFB1309 was extened for another four years! We are looking forward to continue our epigenetic project within this consortium!


Ken Raymond visitied us in Munich!


Lena gave a talk at the Univeristy of Marburg


Lena gave a talk at the 24. Steinheimer Gespräche in Mainz


Lena gave a talk at LJU Giessen


Dori rejoins the group for her PhD, welcome back!


The FOR 5215 Bioinspired Oxidation Catalysis with Iron Complexes, BioOxCat is funded! We are looking forward to work on this joint research effort in the next four years!


Our latest collaboration with the Weis and Seitz groups: Ion Mobility Studies of PQQ Aza-Crown Ether Lanthanide Complexes is online.

We find decreasing collision cross sections across the Ln series and observe the Ln contraction in the gas phase!


A long ongoing colllaboration has now yielded another paper! Please have a look at the preprint: Identification of a biosynthetic gene cluster encoding a novel lanthanide chelator in Methylorubrum extorquens AM1 done with Alexa, Nate, Ceci, Tri and Sophie now at Biorxiv!


Our preprint with the KIT crew around Patrick Weis is online: A. Schäfer, V. Vetsova, E. Schneider, M. Kappes, M. Seitz, L. Daumann*, P. Weis*, Ion mobility studies of Pyrroloquinoline Quinone Aza-Crown-Ether Lanthanide Complexes ChemRxiv


Our review (Spectroscopic and in vitro investigations of Fe2+/α-Ketoglutarate-dependent enzymes involved in nucleic acid repair and modification) with David, Annika, Niko and Sabine is now accepted at ChemBioChem!

Daumann Group News 2021


Our new preprint is online! LanM Peptides – Unravelling the Binding Properties of the EF-Hand Loop Sequences Stripped from the Structural Corset. Another successful collaboration with Tsushima, Björn and Robin from HZDR in the books!


REE using bacteria have been highlighted in this podcast by the BR, where Lena gave an interview (starts at 19.15 min).


Since indoor christmas parties are not happening this year, we went for outside "2G" Boßeln with Glühwein instead :)


Lena gave a talk at the online JuWö Sessions


Ioana rejoins the group for her PhD Thesis, welcome! We are glad to have you back :)


Lena gave an interview on our work for the Spiegel


Pia joins the group for her ACF internship. Welcome!


Niko successfully defended his PhD thesis. Congratulations!


Helenas cooperation on the actinide and lanthanide binding protein LanM with Cathleen Zeymer (TUM), Robin Steudtner and Björn Drobot at HZDR has been accepted at Chemical Science! Check it out here!


Lena has written a first reactions piece for ACS Central Science. Check it out here!


This week we welcome Sophia and Mikey to the group! Welcome :)


The paper Mesoionic Carbenes in Low- to High-Valent Vanadium Chemistry by Hohloch and Munz with our small contribution was accepted in Inorganic Chemistry!


A MINTerview of Lena by the JCF on her way to becoming a professor, outreach, inclusive periodic tables and the rare earth element research in our group is available now on Spotify as well as here. Thanks you for the invitation and to Charlotte to the great atmosphere during the MINTerview!


Isabella joins the group for her bachelor thesis, welcome!


The report of the first Neodymium containing MDH (and first XoxF1 that was structurally characterized) is now online


Jan rejoins the group for his Masters thesis! Nice to have you back!


Our awesome collaboration with the Zipse group has resulted in our first paper together! Congrats Niko, Annika, Rachel and Fabian!


An exciting study with the group of H.J.M. Op den Camp on the first Neodymium XoxF1-type methanol dehydrogenase was accepted at mBio! Stay tuned!


Lena gave a talk at eBIC


The labs second preprint is now online! Funded by the Klaus Tschira Boost Fund and ERC we have shown with our Collaborators Cathleen Zeymer (TUM) and Robin Steudtner and Björn Drobot (HZDR) that Lanmodulin, a natural lanthanide-binding protein favors an actinide (Americium) over lanthanides!


Just accepted our collaboration with the Carell Group: Biomimetic iron complex achieves TET enzyme reactivity in 5mC containing oligonucleotides & nucleosides! Congrats to Niko, David and Eva!


Lena gave a virtual seminar at the university of Duisburg


Lena has been awarded the Dozentenpreis of the Fonds der Chemischen Industrie! This would not have been possible without the amazing students and team (past and present) that make up the Daumann lab! Lena also wishes to thank her colleagues at LMU, her mentors and collaborators for their continuous support.


This week we welcome our new Intern Dominik!


Violeta, Katie and Henning's article on PQQ based biomimetics is now accepted by Chemistry a European Journal! Check out the open access publication here.


The magazine Naturwissenschaften im Unterrricht Chemie for teachers where Lena has been a guest editor is now online and available. It features a lot of cool school student projects and experiments!


13.5. 2021

We welcome two new students this week: Jan and Abdi. Welcome!


Our book chapter on Activity Assays of Methanol Dehydrogenases is now online in Methods in Enzymology!


This week we welcome our new Master Student Ioana to the group! Welcome! We wish you lots of success!


Our first preprint is now online: PQQ-Aza-Crown Ether Complexes as Biomimetics for Lanthanide and Calcium Dependent Alcohol Dehydrogenases


An article about Lena has appeared in the Münchner Merkur.



Lena's and Huub's book chapter on REE in Biochemistry is now published in MILS-21 "Metals, Microbes, and Minerals: The Biogeochemical Side of Life", Guest-edited by Peter M. H. Kroneck and Martha E. Sosa Torres!


Today we welcome our new intern Maya to the team. We wish you lots of success!

Daumann Group News 2020


The Cover on our VIP Article Formation of Cisplatin Adducts with the Epigenetically Relevant Nucleobase 5‐Methylcytosine is now online!


We were treated to two fantastic talks by Nicola and Manu today! Thank you for sharing your insights into working in industry!


We have a new group picture!


Today we are celebrating the successes of our team members! Sophie got a PhD Scholarship from the Studienstiftung to work on biological actinide and lanthanide chelators, and so Lena baked a PhD thesis-themed cake for her.

In addition Sophie, and former team member David (now University of Cambridge) were both awarded prizes for their Mastertheses! Congrats on this fantastic achievement!


This week we welcome two postdocs to the team: Igancio (PhD Helmholtz Geomar, Kiel) from Chile and Katie (PhD University of Oxford) from the UK. Welcome! We wish you lots of success!


Our new paper with the first crystal structure of a CaPQQ complex is now online! Its Open Access thanks to Projekt DEAL.


We welcome our new master student Karina to the lab this week! We wish you lots of success!


A new teaching book on rare earth chemistry is out! Lena is happy to have contributed a chapter on the exciting bioinorganic chemistry of these elements!


Lena gave a talk at the virtual Latech ACS Student Seminar Series


Lena gave a talk at the virtual f-Angular Momentum Symposium Series


Its been a good week! Two articles from the Daumann lab were accepted: Annika's paper on Cisplatin and 5mC and Henning's paper on the crystal structure of a Ca-PQQ complex! More infos coming soon!


Lena gave an online talk at the university of Sussex.


We welcome our new intern Katharina to the team. We wish you lots of success!


Lena will give a couple of online seminars in October, tune in if you like!

At the Virtual Wiley ACES-CRSI Symposium on October 5th, register here:

At the Angular Momentum f-element series (see twitter @felementangular) on October 27th. Register here:


Our recent article on the enzyme cofactor PQQ and its application to Ln separation has been highlighted on differnet news sites:, LMU and Twitter. Haven't read it yet? Check out Henning's and Annika'a open access article here.


That's how two successfull scientists look after a week of Curium and Europium titrations! Helena and Sophie spent some time in Dresden at the HZDR as part of a Klaus Tschirra Boost Fund Project on biological actinide chelators. #thatsrad! We are glad they are not contaminated and that we can have them back soon ;)


We are happy to share the news that Lena has been selected to recieve an ERC starting grant worth 1.5 million €!

Here is the link to the LMU press release. Many thanks to the past and current team of students and collaborators that made this possible!

The ERC project on “Innovative Bioinspired Strategies Towards Selective Lanthanide Complexation and Separation: From Bacterial Chelators to Applications” (acronym: LANTHANOPHOR) is inspired by the discovery that certain bacteria are capable of efficiently mobilizing lanthanides. The molecular mechanisms that enable these bacteria to accumulate lanthanides are as yet largely unexplored. However, it was recently shown that they possess specialized multidentate ligands – lanthanophores – that bind specifically to lanthanides. Our goal is now to characterize these compounds, and utilize the insights obtained to develop rapid, sustainable and environmentally benign technologies for the selective recovery and recycling of lanthanides. One postdoc position already available!


We welcome our two Hiwis Doreen and Manuel this month in the group!


Bere successfully defended her thesis today! Congratulations!


We welcome our new intern Patrick to the team. We wish you lots of success!


Lena made videos for our prospective Bachelor Chemistry and Biochemistry Students of the wintersemester.

Here is the video with our students!

Here is the video with our professors! If you want to know what's up with the cola in the last frame you have to watch it to the end:) Enjoy!


A postdoc position on our lanthanide projects is available now!


The Cover Feature of Annika's and Henning's article on lanthanide separation is now online!


We were treated to a fantastic talk today in the Bioinorganic chemistry Ac 6 lecture on gold complexes and aquaporins by Prof. Angela Casini. Thank you very much for mixing up our semester a bit and visiting us virtually from TUM!


Sophie's interview with the ZDF kids Show Princess of science is now online! She talks about REE in smartphones and the importance of recycling. Great job!

Photo @ Martin Vogel/ZDF


We welcome our new bachelor student Sophia and our research intern Daniel to the group this week! Welcome!


Our guest Sayani Das talked about manganese and mercury sensors in cells followed by a short discussion on science communication and outreach! Thanks for "visiting" uns all the way from India to talk about your work!


Lena gave a talk at the ECR Inorganic Series


Henning's and Annika's paper on the Structural Analysis and Separation of Lanthanides with Pyrroloquinoline Quinone was just accepted at Chemistry A European Journal! Congrats! The accepted open access version is available here!


Wir suchen ab sofort einen Synthese Hiwi!


We hosted Dr. Michal Shoshan today for a science breakfast via zoom. She gave an inspiring talk about her work on lead-binding peptides and the following discussion about time management was equally enlightening! Thanks for joining us this Monday!


Our Research retreat has begun! Unfortunately not in Bad Tölz as planned, but nevertheless with interesting topics and entirely online!


Our paper with the first europium enzyme is still a big hit :)

If you havent done so, you can check out this open access paper here!


We welcome back our three new PhD Students Sophie, Annika and Rachel! Nice to have you back, we wish you lots of success!


Lena gave an online seminar at the Uni Zürich via Zoom!


We are featured on the LMU news, Instagram and Facebook pages and Lena's approach to teaching in the Summer Semester was also highlighted by the Münchner Merkur.


Our Spring group picture is here!


Dear students,
The current situation presents us all with new challenges. However, I will try to create an inclusive, interactive classroom for you as usual.
Of course even a multifaceted online teaching does not 100% replace a motivated lecturer in the lecture hall. And an apartment does not replace a library.
I am also aware that it is difficult for some people to concentrate on the subject matter as usual and that many also have to deal with slow internet connections or other circumstances at home that make it difficult focus. If that is the case, please let me know! My email inbox is always open for your questions or feedback.
We are all in the same boat and at some point things will return to normal.
Until then we all hope for a fast internet connection and I look forward to seeing you all online later in April!

With my best regards from my home office to yours

Lena D


AK Daumann has moved to homeoffice, feel free to contact us via email.


All group meeting will only take place via zoom until further notice. If you woudl like to join our Monday group meetings please send an email to Lena. We will also have online virtual group lunches via Zoom on Fridays. Feel free to join us!


Dear students, the AC3 Praktikum has been cancelled.


Sophie went to a TV shoot for the ZDF production Princess of Science to talk about the importance of rare earth elements in our everyday lifes and recycling of these elements. Read more about it here! We are looking forward to see the show!

Sophie was also selected to represent our group and LMU at the next Lindau Nobel Laureate Meeting! Congratulations!


Lena, Niko, Annika and Violeta went to Freiburg and attended the KCT where Niko gave a talk, Annika and Violeta presented posters!


Juliane from TUM re-joined us for her Master Thesis. Welcome back!


We are shining some light into biochemistry assays that are often "black boxes" and prone to reproducibility issues.

Our new paper on lanthanide MDH assays is now published at the Journal of Biological Inorganic Chemistry and open access! Congratulations to Bere, Hurina, Helena and Niko!


The rare earth element dependent organism SolV never ceases to amaze us! Please check out the really cool open access paper "A thermoacidophilic methanotroph oxidizes atmospheric hydrogen gas" of Rob Schmitz, Huub Op den Camp and coworkers that was recently published!

Here is also the behind the paper comment:!


Doreen started her ACF internship with us, welcome!


Our open access article with the first europium enzyme continues to attract attention in the community! Read about it here.


Zoe joined us from Mississippi State University for her internship! Welcome to the team!


Lena gave a talk at the university of Innsbruck.


So nice to see some of our alumni and current group members recieve their Master Degree Certificates today. Congratulations to Tri, Helena, Kerstin and Johann! Special shout out to Helena for winning the prize for best master thesis! We wish you all the best for your future endeavors and we are very proud of you all!

Lena is very excited as she was awarded the teaching prize for best bachelor lecture by the Fachschaft Chemie and Biochemistry at the symposium. Thank you!


Henning successfully defended his thesis today! Congratulations!


Lena participated in the "Innovation in der Hochschule" Symposium and shared her toughts on "Teaching in 2030" during a plenary discussion.

The epigenetic crew went to the SFB1309 Symposium where we also presented a poster.


Lena and Helena went to the Jahrestreffen of the project Lehrerbildung@LMU.


The group went to Passau where Lena recieved the teaching award: "Preis für gute Lehre Bayern". Thanks to everyone that made the trip so fun!


Ksenija joined the group as a hiwi! Welcome to the team!


Our outreach project on the recycling of rare earth elements has been highlighted by the Münchner Unimagazin. We thank Ms Linges for the coverage!

An interview with Lena and Stefan Schwarzer (Didaktik) can be found here (LMU intranet only) and the full article here.

12. and 13.11.19

Lena gave talks at the University of Tübingen and Kaiserslautern.


Safety first! The group went to a first aid course. Now almost everyone in the group is a trained first aid responder.


Lena gave a talk at the ChemMUC campus event. Many thanks to the JCF München for organizing this great afternoon!


Its Pumkin season! Check out our (not at all) scary PQPumpin made by Rachel.


Lena gave a talk at the University of Stuttgart


Lena gave a talk at the University of Münster


Jonas joined the group for an ACF Praktikum, welcome!


We have a new group picture!

Almuth started her Bachelor thesis work today, and Tri his PhD thesis, welcome! We wish you lots of success!


Hans started his Bachelor thesis work today, welcome! We wish you lots of success!


Its this time of the year again! We welcome this fall's cohort of AC3 students in our lab for the next three weeks! We wish everyone a productive and informative week with us!


Mikey joined the group as a Hiwi. Welcome to the team!


David and Niko attended the Summer School of the IRTG SFB1309 in beautiful Innsbruck!


Helena and Lena attended the WiFo in Aachen. Helena presented a Poster and Lena gave a talk about the Bioinorganic Chemistry of Lanthanides. We also presented a poster together with Prof. Stefan Schwarzer on our Robert Bosch School Outreach Project and took a photo with our favorite elements (we just can't decide!).


Helena's Master thesis paper about the alkylation of steroid hormones by sulfur mustard has been published in Archives of Toxicology! Congrats!


The cover art for Niko's paper on the oxidation of 5‐methylcytosine by a biomimetic iron(IV)oxo complex is online!


Lots of action at the group outing today where we also welcomed our newest group member Aila. Welcome to the team!


Lena gave an interview for the page 7 column of the NAMEN & NACHRICHTEN in the DUZ 08/19 issue.


Sophie started her masters thesis today! Welcome!

Helena and Bere are traveling to Dresden for a collaboration, we wish you lots of success!


Lena and Niko went to the ICBIC conference in beautiful Interlaken. Lena gave an invited talk and Niko presented a poster about his PhD Project.

Congratulations Niko for getting a poster prize and a travel scholarship of SBIC!


David started his masters thesis work with us. Welcome!


Lena recieved the Therese von Bayern Prize!

More infos and photo: LMU


Our article Similar but Not the Same: First Kinetic and Structural Analyses of a Methanol Dehydrogenase Containing a Europium Ion in the Active Site is part of a new Special Collection: ChemBioChem Readers‘ Choice 2019 showcasing articles published in 2017 and 2018 that were most well-received according to citation numbers and access data! We are very excited!


Niko started his PhD Fellowship of the Studienstiftung today. Congrats! To celebrate, Lena made a cake inspired by this thesis topic:


Lena attended the Alexander von Humboldt Jahrestagung in Berlin and the reception at Schloss Bellevue


Annika rejoined the group for her Master Thesis. We are glad to have you back and wish you lots of success!


Niko's paper on the biomimetic oxidation of 5mC got accepted in Chemistry- A European Journal! Congrats!


Sebastian started his bachelors thesis with us! Welcome! We wish you lots of success!


A lot happening today: Lena and Helena went to HZDR to set up a collaboration. Rachel rejoined the group for her master thesis and Mari joined us for her bachelor thesis. We wish you both lots of success! And Hennings paper on PQQ got published in Inorganic Chemistry! Congrats!


Lena gave a talk at the University in Bonn. There was time to visit the Kekulé statue as well!


Lena gave a talk at the Terrae rarae confrence in Stockholm/Helsinki and visited Ytterby!


Bere, Helena and Lena attended the PVC Conference in beautiful Nijmegen!


We attended the Robert Bosch Jugendkongress in Stuttgart and the Students presented their own, hand-build and curated exhibition on Rare Earth Element Recycling.

The final product looked amazing, with lots of interactive modules, ipad videos and slideshows and a quiz!


Our collaboration with Arjan Pol, Huub Op den Camp has yielded yet another paper! This time we have investigated with Paul Bernhardt from UQ the electrocatalysis of our Eu-MDH with its physiological electron‐acceptor cytochrome cGJ. Check out our cool cover art for this article below!


Lena gave a talk at the University of Leipzig


Jonas started his Bachelor thesis work with us, welcome! We wish you lots of success!


The group has a twitter account now! Follow @DaumannL the Daumann Lab


Caro started her Bachelor thesis work with us, welcome! We wish you lots of success!


Our review of the Emergence of Lanthanide Metallobiochemistry is now available as an accepted article on the Angewandte Chemie Int. Ed. website!


Lena gave a talk at the Mentoring Retreat Chemistry, Biochemistry and Pharmacy at Kloster Frauenwörth, Fraueninsel, Chiemsee.

What a beautiful setting to discuss careers in and outside academia with young and talented scientists!


Lena was at the Ars Legendi Award Ceremony in Berlin!

Fotograf: Kay Herschelmann


Our collaboration with Op den Camp and coworkers towards characterization of a novel cytochrome cGJ as the electron acceptor of XoxF-MDH in the thermoacidophilic methanotroph Methylacidiphilum fumariolicum SolV has been published in BBA-Proteins and Proteomics as an open access article!


An article about our Rober-Bosch Foundation sponsored outreach project: "Our Common Future" has appeared in the Münchner Merkur Würmtal:

We thank Peter Seybold and Denise Höfle from Münchner Merkur Würmtal for the coverage!

11.3 - 14.3. 2019

Lena and Henning attended the final SFB 749-Meeting at Venice International University, San Servolo. Lena gave a talk about lanthanides in biology and Henning presented a poster about his work with the redox cofactor PQQ.


Lena is excited to be the recipient of the Ars legendi-Preis für exzellente Hochschullehre in 2019! Read more about her teaching methods here and the LMU press release here.


New Group Picture today with our new intern Juliane! Welcome!


We welcome the BOGY intern Chiara S. into our lab this week!


We are excited to host Rob Schmitz, PhD student from Radboud university in Nimwegen and our dear Alumna Lauren Davidson this week in our lab!


Rachel joined the group for an ACF internship. Welcome Rachel!


Lena was selected as Fellow for the Klaus Tschira Boost Fund by the German Scholars Organization e.V.. The funding will allow us to conduct a joint project with Prof. Huub Op den Camp (Radboud University), Prof. Cecilia Martinez-Gomez (Michigan State University), Dr. Robin Steudtner (Helmholtz-Zentrum Dresden-Rossendorf), and Prof. Georg Steinhauser (IRS Hannover). We are looking forward to this international and interdisciplinary project! Learn more about the Klaus Tschira Boost Fund in this radio interview here.


Annika joined the group as an ACF Intern. Welcome Annika!


Lena gave a talk at TU Braunschweig


Group Lab Selfie


Helena startted her PhD with us. Welcome to the team Helena! We wish you lots of success!