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Book Chapters

  • L.J. Daumann, Bioinorganic aspects in De Gruyter STEM series: Rare Earth Chemistry - Basics for Master and PhD Students, Editors: R. Pöttgen, T. Jüstel, C.A. Strassert, submitted 2019
  • L. J. Daumann and H.J.M. Op den Camp, The Biochemistry of Rare Earth Elements, in Metal Ions in Life Sciences, Volume 21: Metals, Microbes and Minerals – The Biogeochemical Side of Life, Guest Editors: P.M.H. Kroneck and M.E. Sosa Torres, Series editors: A. Sigel, E. Freisinger, and R.K.O. Sigel, submitted 2019


  • L.J. Daumann, Spectroscopic and Mechanistic Studies of Dinuclear Metallohydrolases and Their Biomimetic Complexes, Springer Theses, Book DOI 10.1007/978-3-319-06629-5, Springer International Publishing Switzerland, 2014


  • Seltene Erden. Umkämpfte Rohstoffe des Hightech-Zeitalters. Von Luitgard Marschall, Heike Holdinghausen. Oekom, München, 2018. 190 Seiten. Nachr. Chemie 66(4):458-460 DOI: 10.1002/nadc.20184071520

Selected Conference Presentations

  • H. Lumpe, B. Jahn, V. Vetsova, P. Grassl, S. Witzel, A. Pol, H.J.M. Op den Camp and L. J. Daumann*, The Surprising Bioinorganic Chemistry of Rare Earth Elements- Spectroscopic Models for the Characterization of REE-dependent Methanol Dehydrogenases, KCT Potsdam 2017.
  • S.S. Nguyen, L.J. Daumann, K.N. Raymond, Exploring the Luminescence of Octadentate Europium(III) ML2 Complexes, UC Berkeley Undergraduate Poster Symposium 2015.
  • L.J. Daumann, J. Pacold, D.S. Tatum, K.N. Raymond, Towards Understanding and Optimizing Energy Transfer Pathways in Luminescent f-Element Complexes, Department of Energy Review, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory 2015.
  • L.J. Daumann, E. Fatila, D.S. Tatum, B.E.R. Snyder, E.I. Solomon, K.N. Raymond, Does length really matter? Structure-luminescence relationships in EuIII and TbIII complexes, EuroBIC12 (Zürich), 2014.
  • S.S. Nguyen, S.L. Pailloux, S.D. Koster, L.J. Daumann, K.N. Raymond, Synthesis of Gd(III)-TREN-tris-(6-Me)-3,2-HOPO complex: Applications in MRI, 248th ACS National Meeting & Exposition (San Francisco), 2014.
  • L.J. Daumann, G. Schenk, J.A. Larrabee, P. Comba, L.R. Gahan, Spectroscopic and Mechanistic Studies of Dinuclear Metallohydrolases and their Biomimetic Complexes" ICBIC16 (Grenoble), 2013.
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  • L.J. Daumann, L.R. Gahan, G. Schenk, A New GpdQ-biomimetic Cadmium(II) Complex and its Potential Application in Bioremediation" ICCC39 (Adelaide), 2010.
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